Are sacred locations more holy than a church?


Are sacred locations a more holy place to be than a church?

For example, would the kitchen of Jesus’s home be a more holy place to be in than your local Catholic church down the road?


Don’t know, but the Eucharist is celebrated, every day, at Church. Not so much in Jesus’ kitchen :wink:


Jesus is equally and really as present in the tabernacle of every church as he was in his own kitchen. And His presence, I am sure, makes each equally holy.


I think there was an apparition somewhere that talked about how people travel thousands of miles to visit holy places, and rightfully so… yet Jesus is just as present in the tabernacle at your local church, and is very neglected at home.


tabernacle most holy place and adoration. Jesus is right there


Many of those holy places have churches there. :grin:


No. The Mass happens in churches, and this makes them a sacred place. Jesus is literally present in all churches where Mass takes place.


All churches are very holy because of what takes place in them, however holy sites where our Lord lived as a human could be thought of as being holier in some ways, and this is why many people have gone on pilgrimages to holy sites, instead of just to their local church.


This topic is a good illustration of what Catholics mean by the Real Presence. Jesus isn’t just spiritually present in the Eucharist in the same way he’s spiritually present among any community of believers, he’s bodily present. He’s as bodily present in the tabernacle as he ever was in his own kitchen.


Actually, Catholic churches are usually built on sacred locations, so its usually the same thing. A basilica was built around the Virgin Mary’s home (and presumably kitchen) in Loreto, Italy, example given.


Evangelicals deny the Real Presence.
They say God is “present” everywhere.
But their churches, organizations, and individuals constantly organize tours of The Holy Land.

This seems inconsistent. Why should a LOCATION in the Near East be “holier” than a spot in Oklahoma? In this matter, along with similar topics, if you want to defend a Catholic practice, point out a parallel kind of practice they themselves already do.

If the spot where the Burning Bush were known, you can be sure there would be American evangelicals visiting there, who would deny they believe in sacramentals or Real Presence.


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