Are scary Halloween costumes demonic?

Is it satanic to wear a Halloween costume that displays blood and gore and ugly monsters, demons etc.? I can see dressing as a devil to be problematic. What are your thoughts?

Scary costumes are good for a jump or a laugh, they don’t have to glorify the devil in any way. Just stay away from small children. :stuck_out_tongue:

“Are scary Halloween costumes demonic?”
IMO: No.

I think it’s just Halloween. No worries.

One of the many things I like about being Catholic. We don’t go overboard on stuff that does not matter.

Halloween has suffocated All Saints day.

I hate Halloween, I put my children to bed and people bang on my door demanding sweets.



Maybe I should knock on peoples doors the following day demanding prayers?


The thing that disturbs me is that we know current day customs originated from pagan belief. In recent years, that belief has morphed into practices of witchcraft which is on the rise. That blood and gore, death and evil are celebrated on this night and that it adversely affects children has much merit, imo. Look at how much vandalism and other mischief occurs on this night and I wonder if the costumes do not release inhibitions that would otherwise be under control.

I used to love Halloween and the “fright” of it all; apple dunking and other fun, scary stories and definitely the treats. Given the propensity of kids who have nothing to counteract it, do they delight in the darkness of wearing something that designates evil? I wonder - I really do.

I don’t think wearing scary costumes are anymore demonic or sinful than enjoying a scary movie or horror story. The costume is supposed to be scary, which underscores the point that one does not consider it ideal (or else it would be looked at not as scary, but beautiful, just like dressing up as a model or something); some of these customs may or may not have had pagan origins (there is much debate about that) but the Church has always been able to take pagan practices that were not inherently against God and “Christianize” them, turn their symbolism around for a good purpose. I believe that we individual Catholics can do the same.

So when I celebrate Halloween with horror and scary costumes, it’s a build up to All Saints Day. In a way that amounts to harmless fun (for a Christian–some do indeed commit sinful acts on Halloween), we are indirectly (or even directly) reminded of death, of the existence of horror, preceding a day when we celebrate all those who have transcended those things, by God’s Grace, and gone to Heaven where they will never know terror or death.

Catholics have never shied away from what is grisly, what is horrific, unlike some of modern whitewashed Christianity. One look at the Gothic Cathedrals can show that we sometimes have seemed to go out of our way to indulge in over-the-top depictions of these things–one can’t tell me those artists weren’t having “fun” with their creations. These things have always been juxtaposed against brighter things, but in themselves they also gave us a fun or creative outlet for expressing our inward contemplation two of the “Last Things” Hell (captured or symbolized by horror, monsters, etc.) and Death (expressed by what may strike many as greusome).

That’s my opinion, anyway. I DO think it crosses a line when people actually endorse evil, or act like evil in itself is “cool” as though demons are admirable or serial killers are to be adored, etc. There IS a problem with today’s youth with idolizing the macabre or violent, but that’s a problem with lack of faith, poor catechesis, etc., not with practices like scary costumes, etc.

Blessings in Christ,

Where I live, kids start ringing the bell at 6pm and stop at 8pm.

My that’s an early bed time. :blush:

Agreed. :slight_smile:

We are Catholics, not fundamentalist protestants! :thumbsup:

I don’t like the really gorey ones, but I don’t mind scary ones. I think Halloween is very much on the wane these days. It hit it’s peak around the eighties with adults, and around the sixties with kids. Now the helicopter parents really don’t want their kids to trick or treat at night, and the adults who were so into it have grown up. When I was a kid in the sixties, it was really kids’ night out.

Lol…that’s a good one.:rotfl::rotfl:

I think a lot of Catholics have gone way too far agreeing with Fundamentalist Protestants making them strange bedfellows indeed. We are not fundamentalists and the ONLY thing we agree with them on is abortion and finding homosexual acts immoral. That is it, and on homosexuality, I think the fundamentalists go too far since they don’t even seem to know the difference between SSA and homosexual acts as the CC does. They hate the sinner as well as the sin, that is just plain wrong!

How many parishes have gone from Halloween to “fall or harvest festivals” under way too much pressure from fundamentalists?

I was raised in a fundamentalist sect, to escape the hatred especially for Catholics AND worshipping the bible as a paper and ink idol. I hate it that fundamentalism has followed me into the church. Or at least seems to have followed me.

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