Are scented candles a sin?

Someone just told me that scented candles are a sin I’ve never heard this before is it true?


10 char.


Huh, what?


Scents are sinful. Period. You will never see flowers in a church. You will never smell incense in a church.



How would that even be possible?

They are not a sin unless you are burning them in areas or around people who have physical reactions when they are burning, such as migraines, asthma or other problems, and you know it and continue to burn them.

Otherwise, no, they are not a sin.

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Are they talking about, like, burning scented jar candles as prayer candles? I know I’ve heard one person tell me they used votives instead of jar candles for their prayer candles because it was “wrong” to blow out a prayer candle, and they didn’t want to have their prayer candle burning for days on end unsupervised.

But that’s the closest I can think of as to what they might be talking about.

That makes me wonder did they mean scented candles on the altar.


Was the person who told you a Catholic?

Who is telling you these things?

Can they explain why scented candles are sinful?

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No scented candles are not sinful.

I found a fundie site (I won’t link to it here) that says candles themselves are sinful and they attract demons. LOL is all you can say to that.


They are not sinful of course, but be careful using them. If you fall asleep and forget to extinguish the candle that could lead to a serious problem. I’m not trying to be funny, I had an aunt who started a serious fire because she left the house and forget to blow out a candle once.

It was a catholic priest who told my friend it was a sin to have them idk if he meant using them as votive candles or not tho

It is not a sin to use scented votives either. I am guessing either

Your friend misunderstood
Your friend is pulling your leg
The priest misunderstood what was asked of him

And even then the sin would be the intent to hurt others rather than the scented candles themselves…

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Ok this is what the priest told my friend he didn’t say all scented candles he said the Yankee candles you shouldn’t have them because they make people sick like they’re a a bad Spirit in them and then another lady said you shouldn’t have any candles this was a discussion on a WhatsApp group

This is personal opinions. There are not bad spirits in Yankee Candles (except the vanilla scented, those are nasty :slight_smile: )

Don’t rely on “WhatsApp” for theology. I installed that thing for one day, had all sorts of porn flood onto my phone and deleted it!

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Yes, definitely it would be an intent of hurting others or selfishness or inconsideration of others.

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Oh my… :worried:

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That’s just what your contacts send you tho u can ask them not to send anymore

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