Are Shiahs considered to be Muslims?


Many Sunni Muslims refuse to accept Shia, Bori, Aga Khan followres as Muslims, But still they follow the same quran. Saudi Arabia which does not allow non muslims to set foot in makka and Madina, still allows these followers to make the pilgrimage.

So are the above Muslims? If not Why?

The problem with this question is that we Christians have been and are guilty of the same thing. There are Catholics who think Protestants are not “Christian” and Protestants who think Catholics are not “Christian”.

We do and have done the same thing. Except that these days the Moslems are more violent about it. But go back about five hundred years (or a good deal less in some places) and what would you find in Western Europe?

Surely Shiahs are Muslims, you can say they agree on Islam fundamentals but they differ on the rituals, and Saudi Arabia can’t deny Shiahs from entering Mecca & Madenah, not just because they consider Shiahs to be Muslims but because there are minority groups of Shiahs lives in some Saudi cities (in the east cost).

Hi wwolverine, a lot of mainstream sunni Muslims struggle with this question. In recent years this has been a hot topic and a source of panic for many of the top Sunni scholars because the Shia ideology is growing and has penetrated far and deep into the heart of what is known as traditionally Sunni territories.

for some, Shias are not Muslim and even worse, they are considered the enemy within.

The reason for their strong opposition to anything Shia is mainly because we condemn many of the companions of the prophet (pbuh&hf) along with a few of his wives.

Our condemnation is perceived as an attack directed at the core of Islam. In the mainstream ideology, the companions are the ones who brought the Qur’an and the islamic tradition to us, therefore raising doubts of the companions means raising doubts on the Qur’an, and the islamic tradition. To some, this is completely unbearable and justifies killing of Shias.

check out this video, at 1:50 a sunni scholar asks Muslims to go to the bar, drink alcohol and smoke tobacco rather than to speak with the Shia. This is a profound statement as consuming alcohol is considered a great sin, by great I mean a sin that carries a heavy penalty. Yet speaking to the Shias is an even greater sin.

:console: I consider you a good Muslim, and I pray for God to show you His true path.

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