Are sins of the heart worse than sins of the flesh?

It is embarrassing to confess you masturbated, had sex, or lied. The ones I am VERY unwilling to say are that - I can spoiled, vain, selfish, etc — they actually make me feel like a BAD PERSON. I am wondering if these are worse?

I don’t know if they are worse. All that I know is I have them too and it’s very difficult to confess these sometimes after examining your conscience. I think that if you don’t recognize and work on them they could eventually be just as deadly. Ashamed that I keep sinning with these even after I’m trying to eliminate them. That’s why frequent Confession can help.

Here is my 2 cents worth…

Yes they are worse…No you are not a “BAD PERSON”.

The sins you describe, being part of the “seven deadly” sins, are the things that underlie the other things such as the actions you mention.
Recognizing these underlying issues is actually a very helpful thing. It allows one to zero in on the “root cause” of might otherwise look like different things.
So - far from being a “bad person”, you are actually an enlightened person…but also an imperfect one. We SHOULD be embarrassed to confess these things. That is one of the beauties of confession.
On the other hand, recognizing, confessing and receiving grace and possibly direction on how to attack these issues is so helpful on many fronts.

May God continue to bless you

Happy Easter


Between december and lent i probably went to confession every week!! Been worse time in my life for sinning!

Sins of the heart are worse than sins of the body, because the actions of your body flow from your heart, if that makes sense. It’s why Dante put Pride at the foundation of the mountain, and gluttony and lust at the top.

But be encouraged, Christ’s Mercy is always new, and we’re all in the same boat :wink:

Since when are we listening to Dante?
Dear Cratus, please find a compassinate priest to confide in. It seems to me you are torturing yourself with all these ideas of sin, & trying to be perfect. On this earth, no one will ever be perfect, no matter how much pole sitting you do. Just try to do the ordinary things in your life well;.dont lie, steal, cheat etc, & do your best for others. If you happen to fall in love & commit some sexual.‘sin’ before you marry: ask God to help you discern the correct path, go to confession: & forgive yourself. + dont put yourself in harm’s way, & pray to.God daily. Pray, hope & dont worry. (read St Padre Pio). Oh, & go to mass weekly;.you’ll receive much strength & peace. Focus on Christ, & less on other people, their ‘sins’ & views.
Pay less attention to views on here & find a compassionate priest. :dancing: whats that song? :‘if u get the chance to sit it out or dance,… I hope u dance’.

Sins of the flesh are sins of the heart. Sins of the flesh are basically good passions that have gone sour through lack of use, like milk that has been sitting out instead of being consumed. Human beings have an inescapable desire for intimacy, in the broadest sense of the word (not exclusively the sexual intimacy between husband and wife). When you neglect to satisfy that desire in prayer and in charitable deed, the most common runner up is through your sex drive. The hollow fellowship of drunken parties and coarse joking are also the result of allowing your passions to go sour through misuse. You feel a void inside of you and you try to fill it up. They’re all counterfeit attempts to satisfying the craving for intimacy that God has put inside of you.

The best defense is a good offense. It’s actually the only defense. If you try to be good by not doing evil, you will infallibly fail. If you try to be good by being good, you will succeed. God will provide the necessary aid for you to succeed, when otherwise you would have failed.

Father Barron does a talk on the 7 deadly sins that you may find helpful.

You can find it on You Tube, and it is a little over an hour. It is pretty good because he explains both the sins, and the “antidotes”, or the seven virtues.

He gave the talk again last March during Lent.

It is very informative.

Good luck.

Thank You I watched it.

Well, its said if even look upon another person with lustful thoughts, we have already committed the sin, so Im not sure how much worse (if any) it would be if we went ahead and actually committed to sex with that person, if we are already guilty of a sin by thinking, then the act itself would be the same thing…right?


There are degrees of sin, even grave sins. Some are worse than others.

They are worse in the gravity of the offense to God, in the harm done to others, and the harm done to ourselves.

Obviously I harm someone more by involving them in committing adultery than by merely looking at them lustfully (they likely won’t even know I’ve done this).

Or…I harm someone more by punching them in the face than be merely being angry with them.

Underacloud is right…there are other aspects to consider in an act as opposed to a thought.
Taking your example…the lustful act may be no more sinful than the deliberate thought of lust…BUT…additional sins can be added. You have to tempt the other person to commit the act with your (unless you commit rape).
Jesus also says, woe to those who tempt one of his little ones to sin…and we are ALL God’s little ones no matter our age.


you and ‘underacloud’ have made a good point.

You can sin from the heart–let’s say lust, for instance–but not act on it, which is still bad, mind you. If you do act on it (sin of the flesh) it’s worse because now you’ve involved someone else. That’s how I feel anyway. :ehh:

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