Are sins persons?


I there I am reading Catholic Answers Magazine in the Green Mill sipping a cup of coffee and listening to jazz. I start to wonder about sin and the nature of sin. Since sin started with the angels and angels are persons, I was wondering if the different sins are demonic persons. For example, lust wants to consume everything. Does this demon wander reality looking for something to consume?


I don’t have an answer to your question, but it did remind me of an incident from my childhood. I grew up in a Pentecostal denomination, and for a while in our congregation there was a mentally challenged middle-aged man named Woody. Everyone loved Woody, and he loved everyone. One evening he was riding with the pastor to an event in a neighboring city when they passed a young woman pedestrian wearing short shorts and a halter top. Woody’s comment: “There goes a LUST!”


Well as far as i know sins are acts, not demons.
Murder, Rape, Vandalism, etc.

And Demons are not physical beings.


DaveBj, this is close to what I mean. However, I’m not talking about human persons. I’m talking about spiritual persons- demons.


atassina was talking about them eating human persons.
And that wont happen since Demons have no body.


LVCIVS DEI, demons are demonic persons, i.e. former angels. Can they formerly be angels of pure virtue that have become pure vice?
A better way to put this is to say that we believe in a person, the person of Jesus. We do not believe in ideas or principles. Could it be possible that we attach ourselves to a particular, personal agent of sin?


Perhaps, i am just saying they cant eat people.
Thank the lord. :slight_smile:


I know that you were talking about demons, not human persons. That’s why I said that I don’t have an answer to your question :thumbsup:


Oh right.
My bad, english is my second language. :slight_smile:


PS:Now all i need is a thread for my strange things that happen when i pray.
I rarely do btw.


If I understand you correctly, yes. We speak of “the devil and his angels”, and by that, we mean demons.

[quote=atassina]I was wondering if the different sins are demonic persons.


For example, lust wants to consume everything.

That’s an allegorical way of speaking. ‘Lust’ is not a person.


If sins were persons then we could not be held responsible for our bad behaviour. You’re right, sins started with the angels who wouldn’t obey God, but the angels themselves are not sins.

Think about this: What about the virtues, chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, and humility? If sins are persons, would the virtues also be persons? Then we could not be credited for any good that we do.

Sins are simply the things we do that are against God’s will.


To me chastity is for monks.

What about love?, kindness?, compassion?, Hope? Honor?


All Catholics are called to chastity.

What about love?, kindness?, compassion?, Hope? Honor?

The virtues I listed were just representative, I wouldn’t even try to list every good deed. :rolleyes:


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