Are Sociopaths evil?

I’ve read that sociopaths lack something neurologically. There’s a predictable percentage of the population that are sociopaths. Scientists say that sociopaths lack something in their brains.

Yet, this condition leads to great evil.

Are these people evil? Or, are they crazy?

I think what makes us uncomfortable about sociopaths is that they force us to address the fact that the distinction between the behaviors we can control and the behaviors we can’t is, in spite of popular belief, quite blurry.

In turn, descriptions like “evil” are found to be crude and lacking, because implicit in those descriptions is the assumption that all of our actions are voluntary–products of free will. But as the neuroscience shows, choices are tricky things that are determined at least in part by what we’re born with. So perhaps “evil” isn’t a very helpful term to describe the more problematic individuals in our society.

Not all sociopaths are criminals. Many lead very productive and legal lives.

I think it best to refrain from classifying sociopaths as evil as a generic reference. Being a sociopath may mean that a person is more prone to sinful or indifferent behavior, but it does not mean that a particular person has given in to that behavior. I think it is true that sociopaths are lacking in some form of neurological development which makes it harder for them to control some aspects of behavior or attitude.

When they fail to control the behavior, then they may act in an evil way, and yes some can be fairly persistent in regards to anti-social and wrong behavior or illegal behavior. Some may benefit from counseling and mental health care, and others unfortunately can only benefit from being sent to prison for what they have done.

Sociopaths aren’t necessarily evil!

A scientist who was shocked to discover his own brain to be sociopathic

Sociopaths have an underdeveloped (or lack of a) conscience. They are often capable of regulating their behavior, but attempts at correction normally center on what their bad behavior means to them personally. They may not have any concept of right or wrong, and feel no empathy for victims. Thus, if they break the law, it must be explained to them that doing so is bad because it means that negative things will happen to them. This, they can understand. From that limited and self-centered aspect, they can oftentimes control their behavior. Inexplicably, many forms of sociopathic behavior tend to stop somewhere in the person’s 40s to 50s.

no, because no one is evil or crazy :(:mad: moreover, all is good and of our God Who Is Love except what is of sin and “bad” pride. they socio-paths or semi-socio-paths may have a :confused:more sinful tendency towards Original sin (or lack of a) conscience “often” caused by abuse, other “evil” factors, by being “born” ( usually a defect or chemical “imbalance” in turn caused by food, environmental factors, and/or “accidents,” artificial flavors, “cloning,” unborn child death attempt(s), animals and “animism” implantation, violence, “hatred,” “reality,” etc … ) no again they are not they still should be loved and cherished like the children of God we creatures and also totally like the exceptional children too. so in short sentence; just give and try to set an example helping others and yourself in and with virtue/grace.

God bless and Hopefull-y His peace

Yes Sociopaths are evil.

My mother suffers from it.

A lot of sociopaths recognize that other people are motivated by concepts and concerns they can’t understand. But a lot of sociopaths can fake compassion really, really well.

And that’s what makes them evil. This lie that they care.

Sociopaths are not intrinsically evil, nor is anybody. Their action may be evil, but never the person.

To view Sociopaths as evil, is to engage in major stereotyping. As was already alluded to, many Sociopaths are good citizens.

Like the efficacious example for young people, Marcial Maciel Degollado. He was so productive that his organization would have fast-tracked him to sainthood, if Ratzinger wasn’t elected Pope.

Legal sociopaths? More like those who have not been caught.


No human being is evil A person may commit evil. He may even commit evil willfully and so frequently that it seems to define his personality. However, all of us are created by God and possess an inherent goodness which can never be destroyed. It is part of the human dignity which God endowed us with.

As someone else mentioned, sociopaths are troubling, not just for what they do, but also because they raise difficult questions. How blurry is the line which divides choice from compulsion? How much behavior is voluntary and how much control does a sociopath have?

I don’t think there are easy answers. But we shouldn’t lose sight that all humans have a core of goodness and all people are capable of redemption.

To use the Catholic term, sociopaths are “disordered.”

Paranoia will destroy ya.

yes, lets. remember God and the good He gives.

God bless

Exactly. And sociopaths do know the difference between right and wrong…they just don’t feel guilt or shame. They are not insane. They still must choose right or wrong. They still have the ability to choose good or evil and they, like everybody else, need to be held responsible for their actions.

No. And I disagree with St. Redemption. If they know right from wrong and choose to do wrong, that IS evil. Evil is defined as intentionally and deliberately doing things that are socially unacceptable and harmful.

And Sociopaths do NOT suffer from any neurological disorder. Sociopaths choose to have the mentalities they do. They are not born with a brain that forces them to have the personalities that they do. In reality, there is no such thing as a personality disorder in which it forces someone to have the mindset they do, because that would mean our personalities come from neurological and psychological entropy and thus are FORCED on us, rather than by our OWN making. In that light, that shows a comprise on our freedom of choice.

People say all the time that Sociopaths and Psychopaths are by nature/nurture, yet somehow come to the conclusion that they choose to act the way they do, but if we were to throw in self-conditioning/choice as the reason they become what they are, it would make much more sense. It fits more into the equation of 1 + 1 = 2.

Meaning, there’s people who still come up with the excuse that psychopathy is genetic and is further aggravated by emotional, physical, etc. abuse. I say it’s an excuse because there are many people with abusive childhoods and don’t do any of the things these people do. My goodness, how many times is someone gonna come online and use that excuse? People are NOT gonna get away with that here and teach the same 'ol “but you still have a choice” garbage as if everything we are just happens to us or is the way it is through no fault of our own and without us playing some significant role in it.

So it DOES matter if they have the neurological or psychological makeup for it because that implies they’re born that way and this have no control over it. People like St. Redemption compartmentalize. People are ultimately responsible for what they become. No one is born psychopathic or sociopathic, because if they were, it would be of discomfort for them, they would want to be rid of it and this current generation wouldn’t be glorifying it or normalizing it. The fact that they enjoy what they do, shows that their behavior AND their condition is a choice. And the only reason why most sociopaths don’t hurt people or commit crimes is simply because they fear the repercussions, not because they actually want to do right for its OWN sake. They are motivated by a selfish reason and couldn’t care less about society.

So let’s stop counting out motives as if only our outward actions count. What’s in our hearts matter as well and sociopaths DO NOT care for our well-being. If these people could get away with what they do and saw that nothing was in it for them in doing good, they would let the world crumble.

Sociopaths are not good. One is either good or evil and they are evil. The notion of a “genetic” psychopath is so ridiculous I can’t believe today’s world believes it. Our society has become so conditioned into mitigating personal responsibility for their own actions that they believe it.

People are not born psychopaths or sociopaths. People just either choose good or evil. And regardless of what one may think, this conclusion makes much more sense than the notion of being normal or born psychopathic. You take away self-conditioning, you take away responsibility.

Fill up the library shelves with volumes of personality disorders. Label every social deviant with a psychiatric condition.

Lets face it all of us are disordered in one way or another.

Why couldn’t your mum be evil and also a sociopath?

There are good sociopaths too, they “pretend” to be sociable only because they are trying to fit in but of course it comes from intellect not from natural empathy. But they still try to do the right thing even if they can be a bit clumsy at the social rapport level.

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