Are Some Places "Holier" than Others? What do you think? (poll)


Modern man, much unlike Medieval and Ancient man, tends toward a view of the world that eliminates the possibility of special “holy” places and times. Whether this is a result of the overly eminent outlook pantheism or the overly reductionistic outlooks of atheism, materialism, and even deism, the result is a “flattening out” of the world and a loss of the sacred. We’ve seen this even invade the thinking of many Catholics who treat churches as little more than auditoriums, even including the apse (the altar area). This has lead many Catholics to wonder whether Christians can even have special “holy places” at all. One man who answered this question definitively and in the affirmative is our beloved Pope Emertius - You can read a quote from Benedict on this question HERE:

The question for this forum is, what do you think?





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(I do believe in the holiness of particular locations. This question also is linked to the holiness of “objects” - some being more holy than others - but such is not the precise topic of this thread.)


I think some places are so imbued with faith that it’s tangible - like the Holy House in Loreto. Stand inside it (I went twice last year, we are fortunate to be able to spend a lot of time in a village less than an hour away) and you’ll feel the strength of the prayers that have been said within that small space for hundreds of years, as people lay their hands upon the ancient walls.


This is what I thought of also. God has set aside certain places of special sacredness & healing. I also think of the water of Our Lady of Lourdes. The sanctuary is also a sacred place because it houses the Presence of Christ.

If there is no sacredness, then why were the words “mene mene tekel upharsin” inscribed on the wall of the Babylonian king? Why, when he used the vessels of the temple to pour wine for his harlots, was he judged and slain and a new king replaced him? Why not a thousand previous nights when he engaged in similar activities?


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Is a tough pilgrimage place in Ireland, Croagh Patrick, - the Mountain of Patrick.

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My DH and I have often commented on how we can sense a difference being in a Catholic church and another denomination. There is a sense of the holy in the presence of the tabernacle with Jesus…I can “feel” the difference. Don’t know how to explain it better than that. I have also been in a few Catholic churches where I DIDN’T have that sense of His physically being there…to discover that there was a separate chapel where the tabernacle was kept.


We can see this holy place from the hills of our farm. Beautiful and serene. My father-in-law (who recently passed at age 93) scaled it 25 times, the last time at age 75. My husband scampered up it at age 11…His parents took a picnic lunch. He says he wants to do it again.
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