Are some sins more or less pathetic than others?


Why does God give some people the gift of faith or knowledge and others not? Some people sincerely cannot believe in God. As for pathetic sins some people live their lives to please others versus those who live to please themselves. Sure both are forms of pride but one will inevitably cause more harm. You cannot ever fully please others but you can live your life to please yourself and find happiness. It is difficult watching someone mold themselves to be what other people want and accept. It can make you the easy target for bullying. The other type of pride could care less but they can be cruel to others but they are respected. They can care enough for themselves. I wonder about the reality of the after life and rendering an account for each sin. I still wonder why it is so difficult to fully overcome a sinful tendency. It takes years for some. As it relates to sin, who is worse a person who sleeps around to gain the approval of men violating their conscience or one who seeks sex for their own pleasure?


Sin offends God. All sin offends God. Some sin harms our neighbor, all sin harms our soul. Some sin is so grave as to extinguish the grace in our souls.

“Pathetic” is not a term to describe sin.


This all depends on how you see sin and if you are believer. If you do not believe in an afterlife or have a fully developed conscience, some sins may be more advantageous than others. Sins only hurt if you have some form of a conscience, society disapproves of it or you have some form of a conscience. For example, thinking you are superior to others, no one knows that, perhaps you even feel justified in your superiority and you can even prove you are superior.


I read somewhere where sin involving sex, especially masturbation, is the most pathetic sin, but one that is easily forgivable.


Apart from God there is no sin at all. It doesn’t make sense to talk about “Sin” in the context of unbelievers.


From a secular perspective, sin can be seen as more or less pathetic depending on whether there are more or less gains. If you do not a conscience, no one is being hurt including yourself. There is no sin.


There is no such thing as a pathetic sin.

Sins are either mortal or venial.

Some mortal sins are worse than others in terms of gravity but that makes no difference if you die in a state of mortal sin. You go immediately to Hell if you die in a state of mortal sin no matter what mortal sin is on your soul at death.


Humans are good at denial, just bc they say they can’t believe or even mostly believe such as true doesn’t mean it is true.

Like if you steal 500$ from me and are satisfied bc you say “well he made a post that pissed me off so he is bad it is okay”

Some people have prode that says “do X regardless of God” they can only recobcile their actions via “I can’t believe it anyway” even not just a lie out loud, but one directly to themselves.

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