Are the Anathemas of Justinian infallible?

Are the Anathemas of Emperor Justinian against Origen from the Second Council of Constantinople considered on the same level as the other anathemas decreed at the Council, i.e. are they just as infallible? I ask because it appears they were made by the Emperor, and not by the Council itself. Thanks.
P.S. Only answer if you’re an expert.

I’m not sure how you define expert, but here goes anyway :wink: . The anathemas were likely from a local synod in Constantinople from what I’ve read, although the propositions were probably condemned at the urging of Justinian and are therefore associated with him. In canon 11, the Second Ecumenical Council of Constantinople renews past condemnations of various heresies, including a reference to the previous condemnations of errors associated with Origen. As such, the Council was essentially making those condemnations its own, thus endowing them with the Council’s authority.

Thank you.

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