Are the Animorphs dangerous?

Is anyone familiar with the Animorph Book Series by K. A. Applegate? My husband and I are somewhat at odds as to whether our 12 and 13 year old sons should continue to read them. They seem harmless to me, but he thinks they might have an adverse affect on the kids. Please help.

I am not familiar with the series, but I can give you some guidelines to evaluate it:

1. Do the characters engage in fantasy magic (i.e., magic that cannot be replicated in real life, such as riding a broomstick), or do they engage in occult magick (i.e., magick that might be conceivably attempted in real life, such as divination or necromancy)? If it is occult magick, then the series would be inappropriate for Catholic children (cf. CCC 2116). If it is fantasy magic, similar to The Wizard of Oz for example, then it may be okay.

2. Even if it is fantasy magic, there may be other problems with the books that bother your husband. (For example, while the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling generally contains only fantasy magic, some adults worry about the young characters’ disregard for rules and the truth.) Ask your husband to be more specific about what bothers him in the Animorph series so that you can review the books together and come to a decision that is right for your children.

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