Are the Arabs already extinct- astonishing and terrible truth about Islam?


Very insightful essay regarding Islam and its anti-democratic credo by Spengler.
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Adonis, the only Arabic writer to make the Nobel Prize short list, claims that the Arabs, like the Sumerians and Greeks before them, are extinct, for their culture “no longer has a creative capacity, and the capacity to change its world”. He thus helps explain the remarkable willingness of Arabs to kill themselves to inflict harm on their enemies.
The “hell of daily life”, the Arabs’ incapacity to digest the devil’s sourdough, instills a wish for death that expresses itself in the horrible events we see in the news daily. Adonis’ warning has become an epitaph for a tomb that is prepared, if not yet occupied: the Arabs are extinct.
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and the lesson we must take from this is that they need the light of Christ as much if not more than anyone:gopray2:
I don’t want to get political, but we must also accept that sometimes the decisions of our national leaders make it more difficult for Muslims to accept Christianity
Christianity truly transcends all barriers - the love of Christ can transform these nations and witness to his glory
don’t forget that the descendants of Hagar were deemed a great nation by the angel of the Lord


don’t forget that the descendants of Hagar were deemed a great nation by the angel of the Lord



“Great” does not mean good in Biblical language :smiley: as Bible is written in idiomatic Semitic way. Even the beast of revelation is called great, and the Catholic scholar Saint John of Damascus actually wrote “Heresies of the Ishmaelites” where he called Islam a heresy. Not all Muslims are Arabs but Islam encourages Arabism (encouraging non Arabs to act like Arab to create a totalitarian empire where all humans will be slaves to Arabic culture).

Also, it is a fact that most Arab States today are NOT really Arab. Take North Africa and Levant were Coptic-speaking, Berber-speaking, and Syriac-speaking Christian majority lands but they were FORCE CONVERTED to Islam on the pain of death or payment of a discriminatory tribute tax, Jizyah and Kharaj. Conversion to Islam meant renouncing your mother tongue/culture and becoming Arabised! That is why they are “ARAB” MUSLIM majority.

Egyptians are not Arabs but ARABISED COPTS! Yes, the truth is Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is really an ethnic Copts but he do not speak his ancient mother tongue (EGYPTIAN LANGUAGE) any more as it is a dead language.

Copts are descendants of the ancient Pharoahs and not descendants Ishmael, whose mother was Hagar the concubine of Abraham the Hebrew.

Ishmaelites are Saudis but not all Muslims are Arabs, through all Muslims love to ACT AS ARABS. This is because it is a religious requirement for a devout Muslim to emulate the behaviour of the Islamic prophet Muhammad which is recorded in the Hadith.


Hi Murtad. Yes, I realise that “great” doesn’t mean good - and the word of the angel to Hagar clearly contrasts with the word to Sara. Yes, many nations have become Arabised and indeed Islam is a religion of Arab supremacy hence the learning of Arabic, taking of Arabic names etc etc. Adoption of Arab customs in countries where it clearly makes no sense. A Muslim member of our House of Lords (clearly a genuine moderate) was commenting on the veil recently saying that it is not appropriate for the UK where women don’t get harrassed for not wearing it unlike in some Muslim countries.

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