Are the Beatles Kosher?

Is it fine for a Catholic to listen to the Beatles?

I do enjoy their music and they have more than a few catchy tunes.

But I hear there was a lot of occult influence in the Beatles including Aleister Crowley.

John Lennon himself boasted that he was bigger than Jesus and that Christianity will fade and shrivel. Wonder if he thinks that now :thumbsup:

What is the Catholic take on the Beatles and thier influences? Can they be listened to safely?

This is a prudential matter.

Is this question just for kicks? :shrug:

Listening to a musician doesn’t mean you necessarily agree with every thing they’ve ever said or done. Relax. You don’t need to live in a bubble.

Given much of what’s out there today, I think much of the Beatles’ stuff - especially the early Beatles - is positively quaint.

If the Beatles are in heaven some day, they will be singing different tunes.

Their music was catchy and alluring but it’s plain that the entertainment industry is nothing but about money. layers of pornography ranging from “innocent” to unnecessarily graphic and sinful.

The Beatles are fine. Even if some of the members had repugnant beliefs, they still have good music.

I don’t mean to be rude, but questions like this always seem profoundly silly to me. Do you only ever do business with other Catholics? If I have a suit made for me by a Muslim tailor, am I by implication converting to Islam?

If you buy a musician’s record, all you’re saying is, “I find this music entertaining.” You’re not endorsing their religious views any more than you’re necessarily saying you like their haircut.

Exactly. In fact understanding different viewpoints can actually be a good thing as it makes you think about your own.

I appreciate your question as I have always enjoyed their music. But, it was only some months ago that I read, I think its in Padre Fortea’s page, the negative effects their music had on the culture and generation. So, I decided to not listen to them anymore. I like cleaning house and getting stuff out of my life that are not in harmony with my spirituality. But, I guess it depends how demanding you want to be with yourself etc…

The Church has no ban on music. In my view anyone who would feel their faith shaken by listening to The Beatles must have very weak faith. Their music is great and I encourage people to listen to it. My grown up kids loved it when my wife and I played it at home and in the car and now my grandchildren too love it.

Best ever bands: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Queen

If you look at some of the most popular singers today, like Miley Cirus, Justin Beiber, etc. their ‘stage image’ is NOTHING like what they are as a real person, its all an act, to appeal to a certain demographic, ultimately to squeeze as much money as they can from fans.

Most people would be surprised if they saw these people at home when they are not performing or in front of a camera.

I recently watched a video of the lead singer from a popular death metal band at his house, when he leaves ‘the stage’ he goes home to a very large and very nicely decorated home in Bel Air, point is, his home was not what you would expect from the ‘part’ he plays when in the public eye.

John Lennon didn’t “boast” that *he *was bigger than Jesus, etc.
He was commenting about the decline of religion in general and the surge of pop music and it’s influence on teens of that era…after a reporter told him that teens were more into music than religion, and asked him about it.

He said: “We’re more popular than Jesus now; I don’t know which will go first – rock ‘n’ roll or Christianity.”

It was an interview he gave to the London Evening Standard and it drew no criticism at the time…until five months later, when the quote was repeated in an American teen magazine.

He clarified his statements right away and apologized during follow up interviews.

But still, fifty years later, people are repeating it erroneously.

The Beatles were influenced by many topics, issues, and world events when they wrote their music, as many great artists are–and that includes Christianity and other religions.
Artists reflect upon the society in which they live, that’s what they do.

I think Aleister Crowley is included on the cover of the Sgt Pepper album. But so is Karl Marx.
And Monroe, Brando, Jung, Poe, Einstein, Sonny Liston, Oliver Hardy and Snow White.
I haven’t heard of any specific songs linked to Crowley.
Which ones are you speaking of?

If you are looking for music that only promotes Christianity, the only way to do that I think is to narrow your listening to “Christian music” only.





I heard Ringo was once seethed in his mother’s milk, and thus is not kosher. :smiley:

I asked a Jew; it turns out that eating the Beatles, or humans in general, is frowned upon and definitely not kosher. (joking).
Several of their songs are not decent.

Can’t think of any truly objectionable Beatles songs. Some have points of view I would not share, a very few use the odd swear word but in general as another poster pointed out they sound almost quaint nowadays. Mind you Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa are more my cup of tea, although having said that I have listened to most of the Beatle’s recorded output at some point or other. I’d recommend Revolver or Rubber Souls as starting points for anyone who would like to listen to them, especially if they are more interested in their later period.

There are many Beatles song which could be argued to be cryptic references to immorality, “Please Please Me”, etc.
Even many older song show the decline of American moral values. For instance, “yellow polka dot bikini” or “Wake up little Susie”. “Only the Good Die Young” should just be flat out banned though.

If you are going to go down that route there are songs far, far older than those which are far more blatant. Including Cole Porter directly mentioning cocaine usage. The word Jazz of course has a sexual meaning which it still preserves as a secondary one now.

People have been grumbling about the decline of public morals since time immemorial. Plenty of songs and literature from the middle ages are just as blatant, in fact some are far more so. I suggest you have a look through Chaucer or Dante for example, some of it is rather brutally frank and there is a famous sequence of bottoms been kissed in Chaucer.

Yeah, I heard that too. Too bad.

So…the Joey Bishop, huh?
I don’t recall, but surely I signed off on this?!


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