Are the books of the Bible in different order in different languages?


I have a Catholic Bible in English, and another Catholic Bible in Spanish (not bilingual Bibles). The last Book of the Old Testament in the Catholic Bible in English is Malachi. The last Book of the Old Testament in the Catholic Bible in Spanish is “Eclesiástico” (Ecclesiastes). The Book of Malachi in the Bible in Spanish is after Zechariah and before Psalms. Does the order/sequence of the Books of the Catholic Bible vary from language to language? Do “different” Catholic Bibles place the Books in different categories (e.g., historic, prophetic, etc.) that would result in Books not having a consistent placement? Other Catholics with Spanish and English Bibles have found the same thing. I had thought the Catholic Bible had its Books in the same order in any language. :confused:

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I have no idea why, but I think they do. My religion teacher from the past two years was from Northern Ireland and she knew the firstbfive books of the Bible as Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, and Numbers! :confused:


As far as I know there is no fixed order of books for Christian Bibles (the Jews have their own order, and I think Protestants generally follow that plan, although they might group or divide them up differently). But even among Catholic translations there’s some variation.

For example, in the NAB, 1 & 2 Maccabees is placed near the middle among the historical books. The Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition, on the other hand, puts them at the end of the Old Testament. I think it really depends on the preference of the particular translator. I’m sure they have their individual reasons, but I don’t know what those are.


Wow! Oh well! :crying: I thought the Catholic Bible was the Catholic Bible. Period. End of story. This makes it more difficult for me as a bilingual person! :nope: So . . . therefore, when we are at Bible study, we should not say “. . . the second to last book in the Old Testament.” If we are each using a different Version . . . then we should give the name of the Book. Some times I have my Bible in Spanish and follow along – except when I have to read in English – I do not translate then. No wonder I’ve had so much trouble and people would like at me like was from another planet! :mad:

Is then there a good bilingual (Spanish/English) Catholic Bible? I have a Protestant one. Someone has thought of it. Have we? :smiley: :yup:

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There are at least 3 different OT order of books in English Catholic Bibles. A aforementioned, the NAB and the original Jerusalem Bible have the two books of Maccabees in the middle. The RSV, Douay, Knox, and Confraternity have the two books of Maccabees at the end of the OT, and the Christian Community Bible has a lot of the old testament moved around.


there was never any fixed order of the books until the early middle ages and a little

cohesion in the early centuries and in the libraries and christian study groups of the 300s;

and in quite a few languages there may at least some basis in this so therefore "out of

order" in some Bibles and how the language inspires one to read can and could have

something to do with order.

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I sure can understand that! Sometimes I do have to change the “order of things” in my translations because it just “does not flow” in Spanish the way it is written in English or vice versa! :doh2:

Any ideas about a “good” bilingual Bible? That would solve the problem! :thumbsup:

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yes, i know!!!
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