Are the end times near


What are your thoughts? Has our globalized society gone so far that we cannot go back? Is it only going to get worse? Will it get better?


My thoughts?

Don’t know, couldn’t care less.

Matt. 24:36


Endtimes started with Jesus’s ascension.


If time is up, it’s up. Worrying about is not going to change a thing.


I think the end of the age will be in this generation. Many still living will see it.
But we cannot know beforehand the day nor the hour. Nor can we change the time, either to bring it more quickly or to postpone it.
Watch and pray therefore. Persevere in obedience and faithfulness. Don’t worry about how long. Just do what you can with the time we have, and await His coming with joy and peace.


Often I find myself hoping that it is soon, but decades ago I remember being taught in Catholic school that we’re supposed to just go on living like we do every day with full knowledge that each day could be our last. Besides, how do we know that an airplane won’t fall out of the s


ky on us. haha, just kidding, no plane fell on me. I’m still here! Sorry for my sense of humor.


The world ends for many people everyday. We should be ready to meet our Lord everyday.


I meant more like the end of this earth, objectively speaking.


Ascetic! :fearful:

…Oh. :relieved:

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Good joke.


Having studied this stuff, realizing only God knows the moment and the hour…
I see things lining up but, we have a ways to go. When I heard the Jews look for the Messiah to come when a TOTALLY RED BULL/COW is born. I figured I’d wait for that. They’ll party when it happens.
Wars, rumors of wars, bad weather, JERUSALEM must be capital of ISRAEL.
AH HA! The Temple is to be rebuilt! NOW will a war occur and demolish the Dome? OR excavating has revealed other Temple remains.
Heard they were cleaning it up and starting to worship there(?) Plus, they’re suppose to go back to the blood sacrifices(?) YULK!
Only God knows! Keep your lamps ready w plenty of oil.
In Christ’s Love


I know :wink: I was just giving the response that my dad gives me when I ask him the same question you ask… because I too wonder the same thing



There’s a non-ending End Times Speculation thread that will answer all your questions. :slight_smile:


I’m 22 years old. Depending on how much time I have left on Earth, the world could possibly end within my lifetime. However, I don’t think the signs of the end of the world mentioned in Scripture have been fulfilled yet (for example, the coming of the Antichrist). Although the Church is facing some trouble in the West, it is still growing and thriving in many other parts of the world. In fact, it is doing extremely well in some other places. There’s probably going to be some kind of mass apostasy all across the world before the end will actually come. Anyway, as other posters have mentioned, we have been living in the End Times for the last 2000 years. We don’t know the hour when the world will end and we should always remain prepared for whenever our time is up. Remember to stay close to God and His Sacraments.


Every day we’re one day closer to the end - of the world and of our lives. There have been wars and tribulations and reports of wars and tribulations of all kinds from the beginning, nothing has changed. I think folks worry too much about the externals and not enough about the internal. Social Justice is important, don’t get me wrong there, hunger and disaster relief are very important! But those who go around crying that, “the end is near, the end is near,” need to proclaim instead that, “Jesus is here and wants to be a part of your lives-now.”

In the meantime, be at peace.


Nobody knows for sure.

My own personal thoughts are that it won’t be until the actual universe is ending.

I mean, God created the universe, we only currently occupy one tiny part of it. We know that the universe itself is finite and will probably end someday.

I just think it makes sense that God would give us the time to explore that universe.


This is a truely beautiful thought.


No. Enough of us have woken up.


I think it’s a whiles away.
Some people at my church think we’re in the end times, and the world will end relatively soon.

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