Are the Jesuits more liberal


Are the Jesuits more liberal? Many Jesuits support homosexual marriage and abortion. Why do they tend to be liberal?


The Society of Jesus has been the biggest single order in the Church.

Therefore, just because of its numbers, you’re more likely to find all views, including liberal ones, therein.


The Jesuits need to study their founder , St Ignatius of Loyola. He was a great saint. There are some good but most are off the rails from what I hear. All the great orders have gone off the rails eventually. I don’t know why but it is so. You always get some who remain loyal to the pope though. There are lots of new great orders like Opus Dei that are trying to pick up the slack. And doesn’t the enemy know it. For our part, we should pray harder for our priests and religious. It’s been the laiety that fixed these problems every time in the past. Personal sanctity will cure all the problems we see. Priests do cop a pounding with temptation and need our prayers.


Jesuits are the intellectual bone of the Church. As a result, open minded people tend to be more open to wide range of ideas.

However, as an order, I don’t think you can label them liberal or conservative, for labels would not do justice in describing them.

BTW, Fr Mitch Pacwa of EWTN, is a Jesuit. Some one call EWTN as ask if he’s a liberal. :smiley:



I agree. I personally know many Jesuit priests, and they are the best priests I have met.

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