Are the Jews still the chosen people?


This question I have been wondering for a while because while the Jews reject the divinity of Jesus, it says in the Old Testament that they are, so it would really be great if this was cleared up for me.


No. The title of the chosen people has been transferred by God from the Jews to the new Israel, the Holy Mother Church. We, the body of Christ, are now the chosen people. More information here:


I think we need to know in reference to what? Or, from what point of view?

Yes, they were the Chosen People. They were used by God in a time when nations had their own unique gods, and to be like them meant to be disposed toward evils. The Israelites were used to reveal that there was only one God. They were a nation themselves and were made such by God (Abraham was a wanderer, but our favorite wanderer).

But, the Gospel and the Church are greater than what they had or have.

To me, chosen means baptized and in a state of grace.


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This question I have been wondering for a while because while the Jews reject the divinity of Jesus, it says in the Old Testament that they are, so it would really be great if this was cleared up for me. [/quote]

JL: Read the whole chapter of Romans 11, it might help.

Rms11:1 I say then, Hath God cast away his people? God forbid. For I also am an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin. 2 God hath not cast away his people which he foreknew. Wot ye not what the scripture saith of Elias? how he maketh intercession to God against Israel saying,


Eternal Life is not through geneaology. Eternal Life is through grace and baptism.

To think otherwise is to be deluded and in error. Many today are deluded and in error by this misunderstanding. That’s why reading the first few books of the Bible without an understanding of the New Covenant is dangerous. So many fall into this b/c they trust themselves and do not want to be part of the Church.

One can be in a state of grace and not have any genealogical connection to Abraham, Isaac, and/or Jacob. All that is needed is baptism.


The Jews are God’s chosen people, His first people. The Old Testament is all about their history and covenant relationship with God.
In accepting Jesus, we all become chosen of God, our creator.
Jesus gave all nations a new Covenant in the New Testament.

In accepting Jesus we all become adopted children of Abraham, our patriarch and Sarah our matriarch.


It’s through baptism and acceptance.

We become adopted children of God. Abraham is not God.


“God holds the Jews most dear for the sake of their Fathers; He does not repent of the gifts He makes or of the calls He issues - such is the witness of the Apostle.” (Nostra Atatae)

The RCC teaches that the First Covenant with the Jews is still binding.


According to most Jews, they still are Gd’s chosen people. Some Jews ask: “Chosen for what? To suffer?” One of the answers is chosen to be a role model and exhibit holiness, righteousness, and compassion to all the nations. It is every Jew’s responsibility to do what Gd commands them and thus be sanctified. What does Gd command? To love and worship Gd AND to love, or at least respect, Gd’s Creation including, above all, other people, as well as animals and the earth’s environment. How do we love and respect others? The Written and Oral Laws give us that information.


In Christianity, specifically Catholicism, the answer to the question, “How do we love and respect others”, is through grace and not through law.

We believe it impossible to uphold the Ten Commandments without grace. The grace flows from Christ, the Messiah. Without Christ, it is impossible to uphold the Ten Commandments.


I didn’t think the Catholic church believed
in replacement theology.


Please define replacement theology.


The Catholic Church is the new Israel.


The Catholic Church is the means through which eternal salvation occurs.

It is definitely referred to as “The New Jerusalem” in the Bible. Jerusalem has been the capital of Judah, the tribe through which the Messiah would come and is the place where the Holy of Holies existed. Other Tribes were long gone by the time of Jesus.


I get what you are saying yet i think a deeper understanding or respect for forefathers is needed. The bible gives us "genealogies’’ leading up to Christ not to bore us. Jesus said “Salvation is of the Jews”. We , the church, has been grafted in. This also happened in OT, where anyone could come to faith upon hearing the saving message of the Jews, and convert . Nothing new here. Faith and grace in salvation followed a genealogy, just as you would say it follows the church today, even from pope to pope.

Eternal life is in Jesus. OT saints looked forward to Him, from Genesis. We look backward to Him, at Calvary, for salvation. We all look forward to His second coming and eternal reign.


A deeper understanding will be had for those of us who die in grace.

The whole of the Bible does not answer all our questions. Much is yet to be revealed so that we can better understand.

I have heard it said that to have a saint as a forefather is a blessing. Yet, it is not right to say, “to not have a saint as a forefather is to be not blessed.”

Mary, Joseph, and John the Baptist are greater saints than are Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and all three of the aforementioned are descendants. So, it is right to have greater respect for the 3 aforementioned than for the 3 after mentioned.


I think they do not but believe in remnant theology. That is , the church replaces the framework of salvation that Israel once did, but that Jews are saved today and continue to come to faith in their Messiah. it is almost like half replacement theology.

Others believe that in last days Israel will convert , as a people, as a nation.


Now, Abraham is all baptized’ spiritual ancestor, regardless of race, national origin, forefathers, etc…


Israelites went to Hades or Abraham’s Bosom before Jesus. Jesus did not liberate the ones in Hades.


Meant no offense as to needing deeper understanding.

Not sure i like ranking saints (OT and NT). For sure scriptures speak the highest of John The Baptist. For sure Mary will be called blessed forever. Beyond that , case by case basis. Not sure Joseph is greater than say Abraham. They are both saints.

If we are to say there would be no Jesus if not for Mary, we can equally say there would be no Mary if there were no Jesse or David. There would be no David if there were not Abraham, and no Abraham if there were no faithful Adam and Eve. Better yet God will accomplish His will thru whom He pleases, and all folks mentioned just happen to be the ones that carried the Promise.

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