Are the Masons Considered Occult?

Are the Masons the same as Freemasonry? If so, is this some type of Occult? If so, what about it makes it occult? I have heard they are just a group of men who gather together to do charity work although there is a lot of secrecy involved around their meetings. How is this dangerous to a person’s soul?

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Because they have a philosophy that is not compatible with Church teachings.
they have rituals and ceremonies and orders, it is not a sunday club where they go play cards.

You don’t seem to know much about them. Find out more, possibly stay away from the Internet and read some good old books. In general, Freemasonry is diametrically opposed to Holy Church and any Catholic who belongs to such a group is automatically excommunicated, both under the old and the new Code of Canon Law.

You’ll receive, of course, plenty of posts saying otherwise.

Well, Calles (the atheist president of Mexico who ordered for the persecution of the Church, in the Cristero War) was awarded a medal of merit from the head of Mexico’s Scottish rite of Freemasonry for his actions against the persecution of Catholics.

I hope that gives you an idea of where they stand. :shrug:

Thank you for the info. I have read and very concerned for my friend’s husband. Please pray that God delivers him from the Masons.


Do nothing in secret, part of a satanic group sadly many fall for their promises ,they are not allowed to even mention Jesus .They are also part of a much larger cult,if you do some research about them you may not like what you find.

yes I came across this link although the writer did have a few anti-catholic articles, the article he wrote on FreeMaonary was very disturbing. Here is the link:

Peace to you.

A good disguise as early joiners get invovled with,their are other groups linked into the masons,you may not believe if I put them on here.Basically do not get into this cult,if you join ,you may get out provided certain rituals have not taken place,once they have …
the rest I leave to you,least to say it is not pleasant for the one who renounces .Plead with any one you know who may want to join NOT to. This is not a joke believe me.

If by occult is meant secret or hidden, the Freemasons are an occult group, a secret society which by its nature is forbidden to Catholics who are to preach the Good News openly. The tenet of elitism is elusive for most Christians, who are considered God’s elect, not the antithesis, the self-proclaimed elite. God selects the elect, man selects the elite.

Gnostic gnow-it-alls show this caste system, whether 33rd degree or part of the untouchable caste of Hinduism. With God, all are equal, neither Jew nor Gentile, slave nor free, male nor female. The Freemasons, one may note, warred against the Fatima apparitions and tore down the little wooden crossbeam affair and lantern marking the spot and parading it through the streets mockingly. Their anti-Catholic newspaper, “O Seculo,” had to grudgingly report the Miracle of the Sun witnessed by 100,000. A Texas-based Freemason bombed the tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe, but converted after no harm came to the fragile tilma or glass covering though a heavy silver candlestand nearby was severely mangled.

American Freemasonry is distinguished by having Colonel Albert Pike, Grand Poobah, as the only Confederate memorialized by a statue in our nation’s capital. Pike was a notorious torturer of Union soldiers. Washington is said to have repented of having joined the Freemasons in a letter to a preacher that had chastised his membership as against Christian values. Pikes book on Freemasonry has references to pagan gods and goddesses which Pike was too ignorant to realize were all based on Noah & Wife. Freemasons like to spread the error that Jesus was secretly married to Mary Mags and had a genetic Christian baby whose lineage is known to Freemasons and who will rule the world by this genetic line. That was the thesis hiding in plain sight of The DaVinci Code. This heresy came back from the Middle East with the Crusaders (along with John the Baptist as messiah worship) and was part of the reason Templars were suppressed.

May God deliver us from delusion and the deluded; make them conquer themselves; and make us cleave to the Way, Truth & Life. Blessings!

I know I’m a woman and this has nothing to do with me, but I can see a lot of confused information in the above post.
To point out only one of at least 4 I see is the one about a Grand Poobah.
That stems mainly from the Flintstones.

All other information I can find also shows that the rest of the information in this Wiki article is accurate;
(I’m a Flintstones fan) Also, the link further above of Ed Deker’s article on Saint’s alive was proven to be a false story in other articles.

Then there is the bit about Pike. I don’t think he is taken seriously by anyone since he is a Satin worshiper. At any road, his poem of a hymns to the gods is referenced above and is just a poem, not Freemason statements about gods and such. It is rather good too along with other poems in that book

To my understanding a Devil worshiper, Gnostic, or an Atheist cannot become a Freemason. He (Pike) was each of these at one time or the other. I think most now believe he was not a Freemason but only a member of the odd fellows, and presented himself as a Freemason for his own profit.

If you want the truth, find it.

You’d be surprised.

Perhaps, but I only know what I’ve been told by other freemasons, and have seen on the Ohio Grand Lodge website itself as far as requirements for joining.
Number one on the is a belief in God.

My father was three time master of his lodge.

They do not define God as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the triune God of the Christian faith. They describe God as the Grand Architect of the Universe (GAU) and believe that there are many paths to God, of which Christianity is just one. They treat all religions as equal. This is not compatible with belief in Jesus Christ who taught that the only way to the Father is through him. This is not compatible with the Nicene Creed.

Within the various religions to which freemason’s may belong, when there is a discrepancy or conflict over doctrine or practice, the teaching and rules of Freemasonry will take precidence and supercede those of the religions to which it’s members subscribe. This is incompatible with belief in the Catholic Church as the mouthpiece of Christ and the that the Chair of Peter has been granted absolute authority in governing God’s kingdom on earth.

For this and many, many other reasons, Freemasonry has always been 100% incompatible with Catholicism.


That is interesting I’ve heard that some are blackballed when they are not a Christian.

Freemasons practice syncretism which is the blending of different religious beliefs into a unified whole. This is evidenced most especially by Masonry’s religious rituals which gather men of all faiths around a common altar, and place all religious writings along side the Bible on the Masonic altar. This is also demonstrated by the Lodge’s prayers and its unique names and symbols for God and heaven. Syncretism is the logical consequence of indifferentism.

Freemasonry is incompatible with Christianity because it promotes indifferentism. Indifferentism is the heretical belief that all religions are equally legitimate attempts to explain the truth about God which, but for the truth of His existence, are unexplainable. Such a view makes all truths relative and holds that God can be equally pleased with truth and error. Because Christians believe that God has definitively revealed Himself in the person of Jesus Christ, and desires that all men come to the knowledge of this truth, indifferentism is incompatible with Christian faith. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6).

The Lodge’s practice of requiring its members to swear immoral oaths is also incompatible with Christianity. These oaths require a Christian to swear on the Holy Bible that he will uphold a code of moral conduct that prefers Masons over non-Masons, and to preserve secret passwords and handshakes. Such oaths are gravely immoral because their subject matter is trivial or does not give rise to the necessity of an oath. These oaths are also sworn under symbolic, blood-curdling penalties of physical torture and death called self-curses (e.g., having my throat cut across, and my tongue torn out by its roots). These penalties show a lack of respect for God and amount to blasphemy which is a serious sin.

they are so considered by this protestant. They are at least Gnostic, either of which is unorthodox

Are the members of Elk Lodges the same as the Masons?

No the Elks are okay to join as are Kiwanis, Lions, Eagles, Chamber of Commerce, Jaycees, Moose, Knights of Columbus, American Legion, VFW, Serra Club, Optimists, Exchange, Rotary and dozens of other civic and service organisations.

I’m a Freemason, and this critique is a very valid concern. Freemasonry was born in a time when religious differences were severe - so we had to set aside those differences in order to be ‘Brothers’ inside the lodge. I think modern Masons should be careful not to cross the line - I know in our lodge we’re very careful to show respect to the religious beliefs of our members, but to not make any false equivalences. Our names for God are an attempt to not cross any religious boundary.

In our defense, to be a Mason, one of the oaths is that we are to frequent our house of worship. In addition, Masonry absolutely denys that masonry has any part of salvation.

That said, if you’re Catholic, I would highly recommend the Knights of Columbus. They have all the silly ritual and silly hats that Masons do, all the good works, and none of the guilt. :slight_smile:

Our Lodge does have several Catholic members - and for myself, I would take no part of anything that was remotely contrary to my Christian faith.

I would also like to point out that Freemasonry in the US, Canada, England and most of the Commonwealth is different than Freemasonry practiced on the European continent - they really are worthy of all the suspicion; especially lodges in France and Italy.


If I can answer the OP’s question. From a Catholic perspective, Freemasonry is considered occult and there’s a papal encyclical that forbid membership by Catholics. As a member of Freemasonry, I can tell you that while I enjoy the fraternity and the rather odd history and rituals, I would say that you’re not ‘missing out’ too much. Don’t be afraid of Masons, but at the same time, I would urge you to follow your Catholic teaching.

This guy has about as much knowledge of mason as any other critic. He is a distrubed exmormon.

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