Are the pope's tweets considered infallible? Is it legitimate for a Catholic to disagree with them?

The pope often uses twitter to post messages to his followers. Are these considered to be infallible? Or can Catholics legitimately disagree with his tweets?

The Pope doesn’t say so nobody knows

No, his “tweets” are not infallible. :slight_smile:

What are the requirements for a statement to be considered infallible? Do the tweets meet those requirements?

Catholics are required to give assent to the teachings of the Church, infallibly declared or not.

Whether or not one may “disagree” with a tweet would depend on the content of the tweet, not its infallibility or lack thereof.

If the Pope tweets that he hopes the Argentine soccer team wins, you need not agree nor root for his team.

If the Pope tweets a teaching of the Church such as abortion being a gravely wrong act, then no you may not “disagree” with him.

The Pope doesn’t even say if his tweets are an exercise of the Magisterium!

Canon laws says that nothing is to be considered infallible unless it is demonstrated MANIFESTLY, but it leaves it open as to whether there CAN be something infallible which isn’t manifest. This is all so strange because why wouldn’t the Pope always say “i state this infallible”?

And what tweets are you disagreeing wit?. I just read the link you supplied and I didn’t see anything to disagree with. Many of them are beautiful encouragements of God’s love for us and we need to take them as such and stop reading into them our own biases and political ideas. Praying for those is Iraq, thanking the Koreans, etc. Seriously, what did he tweet that is so off or bad?

On Twitter, in settings, is there a checkbox for “Infallibility ON?”. :smiley:



They don’t. Does that mean I can legitimately disagree with them if I don’t think the tweets are in conformity with established Catholic teaching?

No, it doesn’t.

I would say “that depends”. The Pope is not impeccable, especially not when using a casual form of communication such as Twitter. It’s certainly possible for the Pope to err in a tweet and you not only could but* should *disagree. And you are not bound to agree with anything expressed as an opinion. But it would be imprudent at best to voice a disagreement with the Holy Father.

Not every word the Pope speaks is doctrine. If he was to tweet that fishing is good on the river, we would not be required to believe. If he tells a story to a friend about his boyhood, it’s not doctrine. If he asks for help on number three across…not doctrine. :slight_smile:

Why not? If they’re not infallible, then it is possible that there is error in them. And if there is error I should disagree with it.

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