Are the prayers on this site in line with Catholic teaching?


Dear CAF… I have recently been made aware of this site and I’m wondering if any of you are familiar with it. Some of the prayers seem a little bit “border-line” superstitious (that’s how a couple of them, struck me… anyway); Of particular concern, were some prayers to “reverse family curses” and so forth. Isn’t an acknowledgement of such things… (through praying to rid ourselves of them) in a way, giving IN TO superstition?

And so, I would appreciate your knowledge and opinions on whether or not this site is in line with Catholic teaching, and basically “ok” for us to use. Thank you and God bless.



This is on their about us page:
Church Status of the SPCDC
The St. Padre Pio Center for Deliverance Counseling, is a private agency not formally connected with any diocese or subdivision of the Catholic Church.
The SPCDC is a outreach apostolate of the Order of the Legion of St. Michael which is a new, experimental, independent, and international prayer and faith covenant community of Catholics who come together by means of private agreement amongst themselves to establish an Association that shall strive by common effort to promote a more perfect life, to share the Catholic faith, to exercise apostolic works, namely to engage in efforts of evangelization, to exercise works of piety or charity and to animate the temporal order with Christian spirit.
As a defacto association of the Christian faithful in community and in apostolate, **we do not have formal ecclesial recognition at this time and do not have any formal relationship with any diocese, but we do operate in full accord with Canon Law **as it applies to defacto Associations of the Christian Faithful.

I would take this to mean that while they aren’t a sanctioned community, they strive to hold to canon… Which is like saying enter at your own risk… it may be fine, it may be problematic…there is no one to answer to if it isn’t right.



I know the site you mention and read their forums regulary; Bro Ignatius who runs the site is very devout and loyal to the Catholic Church.

Unfortunatly curses do exist, and it would be unwise for us to ignore this; the devil cast’s many curses and Bro Ignatius offers us some suitable prayers for lay persons to combat this.

I would recommend joining his forum and ask him questions, he would be glad to answer your concerns.


Thank you, both. I appreciate the responses.

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