Are the saints our standard?

I have recently been reading about the Saints. Specifically victim saints like Gemma Galgani, Alexandrina Maria da Costa, and Marthe Robin. These people suffered so much out of love for God and others and were so beloved by God. I always think of their (the suffering victim souls) lives as the fulfillment of what God wants from the human race. Reading about all those people and their sacrifices makes me feel that the sure way to please God is to suffer and outside of that life is vain.

What do you guys think?

Jesus is our standard.

At the same time, we can learn from the saints and how they handled particular situations


You beat me to it. Perfect answer. None of us will ever reach the standard this side of heaven, but studying the saints will certainly help get us closer.

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When your opportunity comes, embrace it !
“Victims with Him on the altar”

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