Are the SFO and the UN Compatible?

I am a SFO (Third Order Franciscan). Our national organization frequently forwards material from United Nations publications for our consideration and prayer suggestions. As the UN is an aggressively pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia, is this compatible with the charism of the SFO?. Also, in the most recent forward was a listing for Earth Day activities and “Mother Earth” Day this I suspect is heretical. Please help me resolve this issue.

No. The UN originated as a way around the fact that the League of Nations was rejected by the countries it was proposed to unite, and both organizations were created by the same group of well-known individuals and some not so well-known who were and ARE very interested in creating an organization that had the potential to - eventually - control the world. Other organizations created by the same group include the International Monetary FUnd (IMF - proposed as the WORLD BANK), the European Union - EU (including the Euro, which was invented to “unite” countries in Europe by atttempting (and succeeding it seems) in supplanting currencies as a prelude (overtly stated today by EU bureaucrats) to remove sovereignty.

The UN IS A PRIVATE organization at its foundation. PEOPLE MUST NEVER EVER FORGET THIS. For what and why did these enormously wealthy individuals give their largess? The land for it was donated by Rockefeller (near which family I grew up, in Westchester County, NY) who is among those who emphatically supported and his descendants support, loss of sovereignty for the United States.

The UN has a large black rock in its meditation room; the religion it wishes to have everyone follow is the Bahai (it has an appostrophe somewhere).

Since the one world orientation is interested primarily in control of resources, these resources are being removed from countries and individuals by force, by NATO soldiers. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was set up as a world army in a fledgling state. THey are KNOWN for horrific acts of violence against helpless people in carrying out their missions from people interested in world control.

You can see that nothing related to the UN, presented as entirely benign in public school where I teach… is what it appears to be. It is unfortunate that our tax money supports it.

I would throw out any communications from it.

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