Are their any Amish-like Catholic communities?

I was wondering. Since the Amish have families that are very simple and live within a community… is their a Catholic community like this?

Not a monastery where either monks or nuns live… but a community where Catholic families come and live a pretty simple life, like the Amish, but Catholic.

If so, where is one in the world/nation?

I’ve encountered some failed attempts. I am not aware, offhand, of any successful ones.

Hm. Maybe this is the closest thing I can think of offhand.

I have heard of “Plain Catholics” they live like the amish. Very plain.
I don’t know if they are in good standing though!!

I’ve heard of plain Catholics. I don’t know why they wouldn’t be in good standing, if the only real difference is their home lifestyle

They very well could be, as someone new to the faith I tend to tread lightly.

You may want to look into: Star of the Sea Village in Arkansas. They don’t seem to have a strict code for dress or lifestyle, but they are attempting to leave the concerns of the world behind to live a simpler spirituality. :slight_smile:

I don’t know of any actual Plain Catholic communities, but there are “virtual” communities on-line. I know of just one blog - - there may be others. I belong to an e-list of Plain Catholic ladies - I think there are similar lists that are either for men or for both men & women.

We don’t all dress like the Amish or Mennonites, but we do dress modestly. Many cover, but not all - we’re at different stages in our journeys.

Those of us who do cover don’t all use Amish style kapps or bonnets. I wear a covering that is rather like a kerchief that I found at a Jewish covering on-line store. It suits me.

I have been aware of the one in NW Ark for some time. I am not sure I could characterize it as Amish-like. Amish live simply and in a community of sorts, but they live independently family-by-family. My impression of the J.M. Talbot community is that it’s more commune-like.

There is an SSPX community in and around St. Mary’s Ks. They live and dress simply.

But there are actually a lot of rural areas where a person could live “simply” in the sort of way the Amish do and not even stand out. Trouble is, it’s hard to both live a “simple” life and make a living anymore. The Amish have a lot of money, and don’t for a minute imagine that they don’t. They’re not living off a garden and 40 acres or anything like that.

Check out the Alleluia Community in Augusta Georgia.

This thread on the same topic also mentions Madonna House.

It’s been a while, but if you are serious I think we could start something.

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