Are there any anglicans here?

I just read the most scary devotion called the 15 prayers to st. bridget of sweden and the 21 promises that go with them. After reading that, I realize I was wrong to think catholics were the most reasonable and level headed of the christian denominations. It really is a deal killer for me if I were to suddenly get some spark to believe.

If anglicans don’t engage in this kind of thing, I would like to know where I can get information about their devotions so I can move on to the next denomination for review.

Private Revelation from the CCC
Private Revelation from New Advent.

There is nothing wrong with the 15 prayers, they are a meditation on the passion of Christ.

The alleged “promises” were condemned by the Church. They are not accepted as authentic.

And, lastly, as has been pointed out by the other poster, private revelations are exactly that: private. Catholics are not obligated to believe in them or participate in them.

I’m not sure what to think of this thread. Judging what others have seen of the OP’s posts, this could easily be a troll.

If you’re authentic in your search, however, I encourage you to engage a little more intellectual rigour. It’s one thing to read something claiming to be Catholic, it’s another thing to make a decision about it without taking the next step of finding out what the Catholic Church has to say about it.

In any case, I wish you well.


I am Anglo-Catholic at the great shrine church St. Clements, Philadelphia on Logan Circle.

How may I help?


Do trolls get up early on a sunday to go to a catholic church to check it out and get this darn booklet from the lobby to read? Do they?


Maybe the people who put this booklet in that church are trolls!:eek:


It seems I got confused about these promises attatched to this devotion being approved.
But, since the nice catholics I have encountered here are nothing but a buch of critical holier than thou types, I am striking them off the list anyway.:slight_smile:
Take a look at my sig and you will see how nice they can be.:rolleyes:

If I ever get a spark of a feeling about God I will want to go to a church. I am open to hearing about anglican spirituality, devotions, beliefs and what church is like for them.

Anglo-Catholics abide by all provisions of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, RCIA, the Douay-Rheims Holy Bible, the Roman Mass, all canons of the Catholic Church, papal infalibility, holy orders, the Order of Worship and Breviary as established by Blessed St. Pope Pius X, and the Latin Mass.


But you didn’t mention any booklets. You just said that you had read something, and since you are posting on the internet, the natural assumption is that you read it on the internet as well. In any case, was the booklet your only experience worth mentioning at the church?

Also, it’s Monday morning for me, though I am still experiencing it as Sunday night. Hello from the future!

Come now, surely you realise that you’ve created a double standard for yourself. It appears that many of your posts have been deliberately hostile, what kind of response do you expect? Furthermore, you have cherry-picked your chosen quotes to present the image you desire. If you wanted to give a truly honest picture, you would include the balanced, friendly, and courteous replies as well.

If I ever get a spark of a feeling about God I will want to go to a church. I am open to hearing about anglican spirituality, devotions, beliefs and what church is like for them.

The Christian approach to belief in God is not based on mere feelings, but convictions of Truth. Nonetheless, any questions (even about generic Anglicanism) are good for one who has the conviction to follow Truth wherever it may leave him. Best wishes to you, SJ.

Well, some of them do some of that.

Can’t generalize about Anglo-Catholics any more than you can Anglicans, generally. Successfully, I mean.


Anglicanus Catholicus

The answer is in Christ Himself .

You will find Him in the Sacrament and in His adoration at the alter.

The primary articles of faith are the true presence of Christ in the Sacraments and the inerrant Holy Scriptures. You will find His devotion expressed in the True Love of the Blessed Mary, mother of the Son of God.

Our Lord has left us His Church for us. He means for us to share Him with each other, to build up, heal, and care for His Flock while together on earth. It is He that has made us and not we ourselves. We love and care for each other because He loved us first.

The old deceiver will ever try to tempt you away from Christ but Our Lord is the Shepherd that knows his own and His sheep know the sound of His voice.

Hang on to the Sacrament. He has given Himself to you. Cling to his Word. When spoken by His priests and His Saints they are the True Word of God falling upon your ears.

Pax Et Bonum


Strawberry Jam,

I’m not sure what you want to know but maybe this will help.

As stated above, the Fifteen Prayers to St. Bridget of Sweden are perfectly fine. The church has condemned the Twenty-One Promises. Here is a link to the declaration by the church condemning them and why they are problematic.

Not to get off the OP’s post, but I am into the nineth month of these prayers. I didn’t even know there there were some promises. Obviously my internet prowness needs help,…but I am better today! Our Lord suffered for all. Let us rejoice in the words, miracles we have! :thumbsup:

You are okay because it is not the prayers that are a problem, its the promises that are.

Sounds like you are just fine!:slight_smile:

I would caution you against putting too much importance on RC devotionalism. If you were to enter communion with Rome, you would be asked to subscribe to the dogmas of that Communion, not to embrace all its devotions.

However, it’s certainly reasonable to bear in mind that the Roman Communion’s devotional traditions do shape its identity, as do those of any other Christian body.

You might also bear in mind that the Eastern Catholic churches have very different devotional traditions.

If you are seriously interested in Anglican devotion, you might have a look at the book *Love’s Redeeming Work: The Anglican Quest for Holiness (*ed. Rowell, Stevenson, and Williams) and/or The Study of Anglicanism (ed. Sykes, Booty, and Knight).


So, StrawberryJam, are you now ok with the prayers themselves?

Or have you included your problems with the promises in your evaluation of the prayers?

BTW–don’t judge any religion on the basis of private devotions.

That may be true of A-Cs in the USA - here in the UK, plenty of them are not as “high” as that; some may be, many aren’t.

I have no problem with the prayers, as they are just as “justifyable” as anything else I can see.

I do not judge anyone. But I do take offense to the innocent types that are told it is pious and right to do these devotions when they are (the promises) in direct contradiction to what your church actually teaches and the bible says about Christ himself-
For these promises are by your standards pure heresy and contradict what is in the bible and what is in catholic teaching I have seen.

I think it would be the best thing to remove such things from the lobby of a catholic church when notifyed of it being there.


I am sure you agree?

Hi Strawberryjam,

The book with the prayers of st bridgette actually explain at the front that the promises were condemned by the church but the prayers were OK. I have one at home and i remember reading it.

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