Are there any annual Catholic miracles one can witness?


I’ve heard of the blood of St. Januarius, but are there any other annual Catholic miracles that happen on a regular basis, someone could witness?


There’s a daily Catholic miracle in your local church at Mass when the priest transubstantiates bread and wine into Jesus’ body and blood in front of your very eyes.


I agree the ultimate miracle is the holy mass. I’ve experienced three major miracles in my life. I would start with the rosary followed by chaplet of divine mercy. The rosary is a very powerful weapon for these times and many experience signal graces from daily recitation of the rosary.


God does not perform on demand.


God knows the heart. The faithful will get the miracles He wants them to have.


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I think the sacrament of reconciliation is pretty miraculous!


Everytime we attend Mass there is a miracle.


Daily Mass.


Take a good look in the mirror. It is a true miracle we exist.


you can go to daily Mass & witness bread & wine become the Body & Blood of Jesus; and receive it

if that isn’t a “miracle”, i don’t know “what is”


Every time I hear my current pastor preach, I become aware of the miracle of his ordination.


The date I was baptised.


Maybe not just Catholic but spring is pretty good!


I kinda think every day I wake up and go about my business is a miracle these days.


Sometimes we look to hard for signs and miracles, when they are right before us every day…as in the turning of bread and wine into the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

Perhaps this is what Jesus was agitated about when he spoke of a perverse and wicked generation who wanted signs. It is the theological virtue of Faith that allows us to see miracles in the Sacraments that we often come to take for granted.


This one. This miracle.


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