Are there any bibles that use thick normal paper?


I have an old heirloom family bible that used what looks like normal stock paper you’d find in a book, not the thin bible paper typically used. … And it got me thinking if any modern publisher out there made a version that used similar paper today?


It will be quite heavy and cumbersome.


Oh it will most definitely be. My old heirloom one I possess has the old and new testaments in separate volumes and each are of substantial size. But there is just something a lot nicer to normal paper than the fine thin stuff typically used in modern bibles.


The 1966 Jerusalem Bible, or the modernized 1985 New Jerusalem Bible have fairly substantial paper. However, they weigh several pounds and are twice as thick as a normal bible. The Sheed&Ward (1950s) editions of the Knox Bible are a fairly normal size, yet still use reasonably thick paper.


Sure - mostly paperbacks, tho we have an older NAB with heavy duty (paper?) covers & normal pages. It is big, but not outrageously so.


It can be and is done, but the result is normally two volumes (OT and NT) each of encyclopedic size.



That’s fine. Which publisher makes one?


Good question, IDK


Ask your local Catholic book store - or any book store, for that matter.


Looking online, I can’t seem to find specs on the paper. Sometimes the customer reviews will mention the paper, but not usually. You might have to go to some book stores to see and feel the pages for yourself.


This si going to sound weird, but St. Mary’s PRess has a brand new Children’s Bible. The only thing “child” about it is the larger print, the MANY maps and pictures. It’s actually pretty nice. Some of our RCIA folks who have never ever read Scripture chose them off the shelves over other editions. Lots of explanatory notes re: geography and culture. Regular paper. Colorful. About 3 in thick.


Baronius Press’s edition of the Douay-Rheims is printed in thicker paper, I would say.


I have a NKJV from Thomas Nelson which has paper the thickness of loose leaf. Still has a little visual “bleed through”, but overall good page thickness and large size print. It is @ 2.5" thick. Got it at Walmart for $12.


I believe the Bibles from Ignatus Press are more of a “regular” paper stock.


The Ignatius Catholic Study Bible has pretty thick paper. Right now they only have the New Testament available, but they’re supposed to come out with the Old Testament too at some point.


I agree! :smiley: I am anxiously awaiting their entire Bible!

However, any Bible that uses standard book paper will be weightier and larger, which for some is no problem.


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