Are there any books I should read for RCIA preparation?

I am interested in taking RCIA classes and I have read Catholicism for Dummies by Frs. John Trigilio and Kenneth Brighenti and The Salvation Controversy by Jimmy Akin. Are there any other books you would recommend as a prep for RCIA classes before I personally contact my local parish expressing interest in converting to Catholicism?

**Recommended reading:

How to Become a Catholic**
Mass Appeal by Jimmy Akin (booklet)
Exploring the Catholic Church by Marcellino D’Ambrosio (book)

As a side note, you need not wait to contact your local parish until after you read these resources. If you feel ready to express formal interest in the Church by entering the RCIA program, feel free to contact the parish now and continue reading good Catholic materials as a supplement to your RCIA program. God bless.

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