Are there any campy and just plain bad movies that Mystery Science Theater 3000 never showed?

Just curious.

Who knows, maybe someone will doing their own MST3K thing for them!

LOL in fact might be fun to do a group here doing just that? Don’t know. Anyway reads and replies!

I think they need to do the movie that was released this last weekend. IT was called oogieloves and the balloon or something like that. It looked like a joke movie, but apparently it is a real kids film. MST3k should totally do that movie

We just watched a Dolph Lundgren movie called Bridge of Dragons. Look it up. :wink: lol it is for two year olds… might be interesting to see what they’d do with it.

SurlyMermaid, thanks I shall.

Coincidentally, I just listened to an interview with MST3K creator Joel Hodgson on the Nerdist podcast. He seems like a very kind, thoughtful, unaffected Minnesota kind of guy. And in addition to doing a current comedy riff show around the country, he’s also director of communication for a corporation that is using new technology to maintain satellites in orbit indefinitely - how cool (and ironic!) is that?


lol kidding

Robot roll call count off NOW!

Watching the Crawling Eye now.

Ice Pirates was terrible sci fi and I don’t remember it making Mystery Science Theater. One of my buddies does a summer of bad movies every year and we watched that one together. Totally cheesy throughout.

You guys are supposed to count off dangit!

OK, I’ll start.


It was like a deer in the headlights for me or a bad train accident. I only watched it for the jokes they made about the movie.

lol okay okay… Your on!

Tom Servo!


lol I did too

I don’t know if these were ever aired on Mystery Science Theater 3000, but they were both truly awful and campy movies.

“The Toxic Avenger”
“Morons from Outer Space”


(Sorry for doing two, but I couldn’t go to bed until the roll call was completed lol)

hey, thats a great movie:)

Ech the passing was slow, the acting a bit dry, and stuff over stated, but other than that, it was decent.

Now a movie the crew SHOULD do is The Apparition… the movie that just came out this weekend. Way slow pacing, bad acting, lots of shots from blank empty houses… just no. Worth about five bucks… and two stars out of five… and the star rating is being generous.

I don’t know if it’s actually MST3K material, but I remember a film from 8th grade science about a buttercup that blew in the wind, landed in a trickle of water, and as the current carried it further downstream into larger rivers, it encountered more and more wastewater runoff and industrial pollution. Obviously it met a sad ending. I don’t even know if it was narrated, but that would be all the better for riffing.

Full disclosure here that I’ve never seen a full episode of MST3K.

That being said, they haven’t done Supergirl, have they? It’s my favorite bad superhero movie. Helen Slater is cute as the title character, and I think the tone of the film is certainly campy enough. However, the production values might be too good for MST3K. I think some of the flying effects beat the first Superman movie (it’s from the same producer and they had 6 years to improve the technique).

ETA: How about Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Now THAT’S a campy movie. :smiley:

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