Are there any canonized saints who were crusaders here on earth?

I’ve never heard of any saints who went off on Crusade, except when St. Francis went to preach to the Sultan. But even then, he didn’t go as a soldier.
As I wrote this I remembered Louis the Pious, but are there any other examples?

A quick search of the Catholic Forum saints listings yielded the following who participated in or supported Crusades:

Charles the Good
Bernard of Clairvaux
Pope Gregory X
Leopold III
Louis IX
John of Capistrano
James of the Marches

For brief biographies, go to and click on the first letters of their names, and you will find them in the list.

St. Louis (IX) of France actually died while on Crusade.

God Bless

Saint George – Patron Saint of the Crusaders.

St. Bernard of Claivaux - preach for the Second Crusade and is the Patron Saint of the Knights Templar.

St. Dominic - founder of the Order of Preachers (Dominican Order), preached during the Crusades.

Saint Louis IX – he led two Crusades, the 7th and the 8th.
Blessed Charles the Good **– fought in the Second Crusade.

I would also include the Popes of the Crusades and all the fallen knights who gave their lives for Christianity as well as those who we don’t know who also suffered martyrdom.

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