Are there any Catholic converts in here who converted from Islam to Catholicism?

Hey everyone. I am looking for converts to Catholicism who were Muslims before they converted. If you are a former Muslim who converted to Catholicism, what made you decide that Catholicism is true? I ask this question because I am looking for insights on how to evangelize Muslims.

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It seems like I’m the main ex-Muslim Catholic participant on this forum. There’s a thread going on right now in which I answer a series of questions posed me by another poster about my conversion (although they are many and my replies are long, and I am not nearly yet done) at . Feel free to join in there, and add your voice to any questions you would like to ask about specific philosophical, theological, social, or any other circumstances or points you would like to raise, or to be answered.

(The thread is mis-named as it was a series of replies of mine in another thread that got spun off in to a new thread by an administrator.)

Oh, the thread has also degenerated in to a materialist v. non-materialist debate about the nature of mind as well, due to the place where the administrator saw fit to cleave the original thread (a place in which I was replying to someone who equated mind with brain). But the original purpose will be retained as I issue my next salvo of replies to, I believe it is Trebor135’s, questions (as he has many, as you can see).

Thanks Khalid!

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