Are There Any Catholic Expository Preaching Videos?

I am going to start doing a Bible Study with my parents. We will be studying John’s Gospel and are going to study one chapter per week. My parents will probably be more likely to watch a youtube video going over each chapter, than reading a bunch of commentary to help them understand each chapter more clearly and deeply. I can only find protestants preachers who go through the Bible chapter by chapter, and my parents will be more likely to stick with this if they are listening to a Priest or Catholic apologist.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



St Teresa’s Catholic Church of Albany, Georgia has a number of Catholic Bible study videos on its YouTube channel, including a series on the Gospel of Saint John in 11 roughly-55-minute videos.

The Word Of The Lord Endures Forever by Will Weedon recently went through John. He is a solid expositor and also frequently ties his exegesis back to the early fathers. They are done in like 15 minutes each.

Institute of Catholic Culture has a lot of them :slight_smile:
Very good!

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