Are There Any Christian Scientists on the Forum?

If you are a Christian Scientist what brings you to

Or if you are an ex-Christian Scientist what church do you now attend and why did you leave the Christian Scientists?


I assume you are asking about members of the religious body “Church of Christ Scientist”, and not about Christians who are chemists, biologists, etc. :nerd:

This Church is almost non existent in the USA_every now and again you see a Christian Science Reading Room-they still own the former newspaper The Christian Science Monitor-now web based-I would be surprised if there are more than 20,000 practicing members in the USA ( and many cease practicing when they get seriously ill):eek:

Yes. “Church of Christ Scientist” members or ex-members.

There are several Christian Science churches near where I live in Massachusetts. The church was founded in Boston. I saw somewhere a number of about 800,000 Christian Scientists in the US. There are some churches in Africa as well.

One of the members of the RCIA team when I came into the CC was a convert from Christian Scientist.

According to Wikipedia:

Classification Christian
Region United States
Founder Mary Baker Eddy
Origin 1879
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Congregations approximately 1000 worldwide (900 in the U.S.)
Members approximately 85,000 worldwide

Hello Porknpie. I trust all is well with you.

Hi Spiritualman,

It’s been over a year. Welcome. :slight_smile:

What brings you today to CAF?


I would be most interested to hear from some of them. I know almost nothing about them except one of the times I was incarcerated some guy from their Church actually came to give us a talk about either healing ourselves or asking God to heal us by saying to ourselves that Sickness cannot separate us from God, or something along those lines. It has been over 4 years so I cannot remember exactly. Maybe our Christian Scientists guests can jog my memory by explaining what this teaching says?

I also remember this man claiming to have either witnessed or at least heard of many miracles by using this “Realizing sickness cannot separate you from God and saying it in your mind” teaching. Like I said, it has been a few years, so I do not remember exactly what he said. Very interesting though.

That Jail would let all kinds of interesting “religious” characters in to give us talks. I remember another guy (Not Christian Science) telling us that the secret to praying (or something a long those lines) is claiming what you want as if it has already happened. For example… instead of asking God for something in prayer… Thanking him for what you desire as if it has already happened. It all sounded very appealing at the time but I don’t believe I took it all too seriously.

Hi there. I’m a Christian Scientist. What brings me to this forum is that I was searching on the Internet for some info about how Catholics feel these days about Christian Scientists and I found this thread in that search. And since it seemed like maybe you wanted to ask some questions of a CSer, and because I’d like to know more about what Catholics believe, too, I decided to sign up and find out. I’m happy to answer questions about CS if you’d like to ask any…

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