Are there any Cloistered Nuns in US


I would like to become a cloistered nun is US for now then go far, far, away to pray. Where does one begin?


This is going to be some pretty standard advice.

Contact your diocese's vocations office and they will be more than happy to tell you about the various cloistered communities in the US.

Look around the internet and begin emailing communities that interest you and perhaps make plans to visit them.

And, if you don't already, find yourself a Spiritual Director.


There are so many! Either you go through all the threads on the vocations fora or google cloistered nuns in US. Here are some:

There are so many more. God bless....


there are the Norbertine Nuns in Tehachapi, CA and also some cloistered Carmelite Nuns in Alhambra, CA. Both are absolutely beautiful and observant.


Allow me to pray for you and your vocation, whatever the Lord wants it to be. Pax Christi.


My SIL is an extern at the Carmelite monastery in Santa Fe, NM. If you've never visited northern New Mexico, I highly recommend you visit... it will truly be a pilgrimage!


Yes, there are TONS of monasteries of cloistered nuns in the US. Many over at phatmass Vocation Station know a great deal on the specifics of different charisms/communities.

Unfortunately this community is not in union with the Church. I have a friend who was discerning with them and she contacted the local bishop of Colorado Springs and they confirmed this and used the term renegade community to describe them. Pray for them. They look beautiful and we need them in the Church.

Btw, we do have many traditional Carmels like this in the US that ARE very much in union with the Church. Send me a PM for more info or simply go ask about it in Vocation Station on phatmass if you’re interested. You’ll get tons of great advice/help there.

But most importantly PRAY … talk to a good priest and don’t let yourself get overly distracted by websites/forums, etc. in your search. Will keep you in prayer. God bless!


There is a Carmel of cloistered Carmelites in Littleton (read Denver) Colorado at the Holy Spirit Carmel. If you'd like more info PM and I could let you know.


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There is a Carmel of cloistered Carmelites in Littleton (read Denver) Colorado at the Holy Spirit Carmel. If you'd like more info PM and I could let you know.


a couple recent articles on this Carmel ..

Solemn Profession in 2008 -

Clothing in 2010 -


Are there any Cloistered Nuns in US


Our website should be helpful:



OP, please go on discernment with the Carmel of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. These nuns are discalced and they are cloistered. My friend’s sister entered with them and loves them. They are orthodox and have FSSP priests as their chaplain. They would love to hear from you. Contact info:

Other info:

May God bless you! :nun2:

Contact Mother: Rev. Mother Teresa of Jesus, O.C.D., Prioress
Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
9300 W. Agnew Road,
Valparaiso, NE 68065,
United States of America.

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