Are there any feminist here?

I wondered if there were any Catholic feminist on the forums.

How exactly do you go about being so proactive in your views yet you are a member of a Church that pushes women down, so to speak?

It seems a bit hypocritical.

I’ve never seen the Church
as “pushing” anyone down.

Check out this org for some answers.


Even more relevant was Pope John Paul II’s encyclical:

Also news coverage:


Really sorry you have such a negative and erroneous point of view.

The Church has done more to lift women up than any other organization I know.

I read a quote once to the effect that ‘if feminism simply means that a woman refuses to be treated like seagull poop - then yeah, I’m a feminist.’ Makes sense, and makes me one, for sure.

In what sense does the Church push women down? The only thing a woman can’t do in the Church is be a cleric - priest, bishop or Pope. None of these are particularly glamorous or prestigious jobs. Do you know, for example, how much private property John Paul II had left to give away in his will at the end of his life? Zip, zero, zilch. He quite simply owned pretty much nothing. That’s a humbling thought.

On the contrary the jobs I’ve referred to are very difficult ones requiring a mess of hard work, lots of humility and the ability to bear ever-increasing and ever more vitriolic criticism and scrutiny of everything one does. Nothing worth coveting about them, then, and no ‘pushing women down’ in women not being given them.

Otherwise, any rules that you might see as restrictive (contraception, homosexuality or whatnot) apply with absolute equality to all, men, women - or other :smiley: And they all make sense to me, when I examine the reasoning behind them. :shrug:

I’m one, too.

Thank you, Lily M for the above quote. I love it! :extrahappy:

Dangerous for a man to comment…

A few thoughts:

  1. The highest and most perfect human expression of God’s creation was and is Mary. I don’t know of a pope, saint or good priest in the history of the Church who didn’t honor Mary.

  2. Check out Education on the Nature and Dignity of Women (ENDOW) for an accurate view of how the Church views women. Fantastic material.


I am a feminist and am darn proud of it!!! I am sick and tired of seeing men beat their chests trying to act like a “macho” man (an example: yo yo man waz up?). NOT all feminists are mad women who go around promoting birth control and abortion. A hundred years ago a woman’s worth depended on how many sons she had and how well she “served” her husband. Women have the RIGHT to be educated, go to college, and be treated with respected. A woman’s place is NOT in the kitchen!!! You have a problem with it??? Well, get over it!!! :thumbsup:


define feminist…

Yes, and please give an example of how the Church ‘pushes women down’, if you will.

My first paying job in ministry was in the Catholic Church. (I used to be Protestant.)

Furthermore, my gifts are recognized, and utilized - my potential is being realized.

Having a defined area in which to work is not “limiting” but rather, it is very freeing. I do what I am supposed to do, while trusting and knowing that other people are doing what they are supposed to do - and, because it’s not part of my defined area of things to do, it’s not my problem at all, if they don’t do it - I don’ t have to do *their *work, too. :thumbsup:

I am a feminist - I have found the Church to be a protector of women as She speaks out for things that are truly detrimental to women such as contraception, multiple divorces (without good reason - i am speaking of things such as serial marriage that lead to breakdown of the family), and abortion.

My definition of a strong woman: A woman who sees herself EQUAL to man. She is not his servant or salve (not his doormat or punching bag). A woman who is NOT dependent on man and has a backbone. A woman who can take care of herself and knows how to face the world.

My definition of a weak woman: Acts like a damsel in distress…and can’t make decisions for herself (is dependent on a man)…Waits for a knight in shinning armor to rescue her.

Yeah thats me - spent 12 years in the military, did a tour in Iraq, left an abusive marriage, with the help of a few priests and my Secular Franciscan Fraternity where I was in formation. Is there maybe a chance that you have the wrong idea and impression about what the teachings of the Church are?

:confused: :ehh:

Were you the original poster that asked if being feminist and being Catholic wasn’t hypocritical - so I am saying that I believe that most that would make that statement have an incorrect understanding of what the Church believes and why and theology in general. (And I just realized you were not that original poster so my apologies.)

Feminist here. :wink: I have been one ever since I was about 8 yrs old by just observing how the women in the family waited on the males and when they decided it was time for me to do the same and be subservient I just dug my heels in further.

I am also a firm believer that women should also have a college ed and a viable way to support themselves and their children—just in case. :thumbsup:

I absolutely cringe whenever I read a thread concerning a women that thinks she needs to be even more subservient to her husband----slave master syndrome. Very masochistic and utterly absurd especially when you read on and find out the husband is controlling and quite absive.

Good Gravy—I have to stay off those threads. :slight_smile:

I have never in my life felt the Catholic Church tries to keep woman down—only woman keep themselves down.

when I examine the reasoning behind them.

The reason? Hmm… maybe that God made men first? Ha, is that really a reason? I don’t think it is.

There are many sexist verses in the bible.


You have a problem with it??? Well, get over it!!!

Say that to Church history.

What I am basically getting at is women who try to balance out the weight of womens rights against mens, to make equal more or less.

Then please tell me what exactly was going on in the Old Testament.

There is no excuse for how women were treated but apparently if God says women are lower than men then His word stands.

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