Are there any indult traditionalist 3rd orders yet?


:blessyou: Third Orders don’t come from liberal or conservative opinions on the liturgy. Rather, 3rd Orders come from very holy people with a particular charism that moves people to follow their spirituality. St. Francis-the poor, St Dominic-preaching, Carmelites-deep prayer Etc. These Orders are all sanctioned by Rome and go back hundreds of years. I hope that God may be calling you to a Third Order. My experience has been that it has helped my faith to grow.

You have to admit that certain orders have had serious problems and it would not be wise to consult their priests for spiritual direction. That goes for any schismatic traditionalist orders as well. I prefer the indult traditional Mass. The priests there are no-nonsense. They understand that taking liberties with the liturgy is a serious offense. They understand the piety in Mass evoked by traditional art, music, architecture, translations of the Latin liturgy, etc. Their sermons teach you so much more than you learn at most vernacular Masses about hell and brimstone topics as well as fascinating things about saints, blesseds and venerables. EWTN and the few that do the N.O. as the Vatican 2 Fathers intended are close (and I respect that), but I don’t see all the prayers of intercession for us in N.O. missals. They (indult orders) also lack the Luther’s rebellion (though they are more like super-high Anglicans, though I believe even they follow the Pope more) who , minus only the refusal to claim the current Pope as the Pope, that characterize any SSPX-ish orders.
I think this stuff would make an indult traditional 3rd order a better one for its group than the others.

BTW Does EWTN’s Franciscans have a 3rd order BTW?

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