Are There Any Modern Day marian Apparitions?


Has anyone reported any visitations by the Blessed Virgin Mary in modern times? By modern I mean in the last year or so.

Is the last approved Marian apparition Fatima?


I don’t know of any, sorry. But it is good to stick to approved apparitions: Lourdes and Fatima :slight_smile:


yes yes yes there are!!! :yup:

they’re not officially approved because they’re still going on, but Our Lady has been appearing (and quite frequently) in Medjugorje! It’s been going on since 1981 and still is.

May God bless you,
and Our Lady of Medjugorje, pray for us <3


Please remember that Medjugorje is not approved because the apparitions are suspect.


***The local bishop in Kibeho, Rawanda has approved the Mariam apparition of the Mother of the Word.

Mary appeared in Rawanda four years before the genocide and gave warning to seven young girls and one boy for the people there to repent to avert a great tragedy.***


Why are they in suspect?


There were the Akita apparitions in Japan in the 1970s - so Fatima certainly wasn’t the last approved one.


The behaviour of the seers - particularly Ivan, who goes around the world on moneymaking tours, apart from the other seers, manufacturing apparitions on demand - and has bought a very nice house and car with the proceeds.

Could you imagine a true visionary - a St Bernadette, a Sr Lucia or a St Faustina - turning Our Lady’s apparition into a crass commercial venture for their own profit in such a way?


According to the University of Dayton’s list ( ) the latest approved apparition occurred in 1983 in San Nicolas (Argentina). As other posters have mentioned, Kibeho (Rwanda) is another of the more recent ones; occurred in 1981.


No Miss, I can not. :slight_smile:


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Three Bishops Commissions have declared there is no evidence of any supernatural happenings in Medjugorie and have called the alleged seers fakes. Local Franciscan priests who perpetuate the alleged apparitions as true have been suspended and cannot say Mass or hear Confession. Official pilgrimages led by priests to Medjugorie are forbidden. Under the normal process this should have been the end of matters but because Medjugorie has caused such a controversy it is being investigated by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) in Rome who have the final decision. Their first action was to suspend another priest at the centre of the alleged apparitions which in my view is an indication that they will at some stage endorse the negative findings of the local Bishops Commissions.
Pope Benedict, while still Cardinal Ratzinger, called Medjugorie a hoax.
Medjugore has clearly caused division among many Catholics and it is Satan who tries to divide us.

I agree with the post of LilyM as well about the seers.

Stick to Church approved apparitions and messages.


Oh, gosh.

The big M might be the biggest fraud that has ever been perpetrated upon the Catholic Church.

It’s not just suspect, it’s condemned: Both local bishops in charge of the diocese have thoroughly and repeatedly condemned the events and the ‘seers’.

The ‘seers’ have been caught lying, especially in the early days of the events, many times. They, and their Franciscan handlers, have been completely disobedient to the bishop and the Church for decades.

Most of the priests there in fact have no legitimate faculties, having had them removed!

The ‘messages’ are very often ridiculous and on many occasions have promoted heretical, un-Catholic doctrines (such as the teaching that all religions are equal!).

The ‘lady’ of M vigorously defended a now-disgraced priest who fathered a child with a nun and was instrumental in the ‘apparition ramp-up’. She’s also condemned the bishops as ‘bad’ and threatened them, for doing nothing but using the Church’s standards of discernment in private revelations. These are things that Our Lady would never do!

I realize many of these things have been hidden from the fans, but they are all documented and easily verifiable. (And, disturbingly, some of the fans are aware of one or more of these things, any of one of which disqualifies the authenticity of the events, but don’t care.)

M has been called ‘the anti-Fatima’ for very good reason.

Anyway, any unapproved apparition is a forbidden topic here.


In my opinion (and I know we’re on the edge of forum rules), apparitions occur at some frequency on a very private level.

For example …

I know a man who says he’s had several apparitions and witnessed several things that he considers miraculous. He won’t talk about them unless asked, but if asked he will discuss them in a very “matter of fact” manner. He doesn’t seek any attention.

From the moment of the first ocurrence, he has been motivated to make rosaries. He’s made more than 20,000 of them. He gives them away … all of them. He never takes money for them. He’s a retired auto worker and has a nice pension that allows him to purchase his materials.

I’ve sat and chatted with him. I won’t get into any detail on his stories, but some of them are jaw dropping. He has a box full of cards and letters from people that describe, at minimum, remarkable things happening to people that he’s given his rosaries to. He doesn’t make a fuss about them, and he says he’s lost a bunch of them through the years. He just goes on making his rosaries.

I’ve known him for a few months, and have only very recently gotten into any detailed conversations with him. I can tell you that this has directly resulted in my own increased devotion to the Blessed Virgin. I now say several rosaries per day when just a year ago I hadn’t said one in 20+ years. I’ve also started getting rosaries from him and giving them away.

So … I’m convinced that she does appear to certain individuals on a personal level. In the case of this individual, the fruits of the process, to me, seem very authentic.


The 1930s- Beauring and Banneux

1954- Weeping statue of Mary, Syracuse Italy

I’m not so sure about Akita, Rwanda, Nicaragua, or Argentina. I’ve heard different stories about their approval. Can anyone clarify?


I found the following website quite informative:


links from Catholicity to various sites that discuss Marian apparitions


***On July 2, 2001, the Holy See released the declaration of Bishop Augustin Misago of Gikongoro, on the Apparitions that took place in 1982-83 in Kibeho.

Archbishop Augustin Misago of Gikongoro, Rwanda, indicatied his “definitive judgment” that the reported apparitions in Kibeho are authentic.

Here are some excerpts:

“Two study commissions, one of doctors and one of theologians, were immediately set up by the local Bishop; they have been at work since April 1982… The advanced state of the study commissions’ work now offers sufficient elements to allow competent ecclesiastical authorities to pronounce definitively on this question.

“As a result, Bishop Augustin Misago of Gikongoro, who represents this authority, has published his declaration concerning the definitive judgement on the Apparitions of Kibeho, Rwanda. This important event in the history of the Diocese of Gikongoro, as in the life of the Church in Rwanda, took place on 29 June 2001, on the solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul, during a solemn Mass concelebrated in the cathedral of Gikongoro. All the Catholic bishops of Rwanda, with the Apostolic Nuncio of Kigali, were present…

“The Bishop declared: Yes, the Virgin Mary appeared at Kibeho on November 28, 1981, and in the months that followed. There are more reasons to believe in the Apparitions than to deny them… The Apparitions of Kibeho are now officially recognized… The name given to the Marian sanctuary at Kibeho is “Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows”.


In answer to The Catholic:
Oh Gosh, I guess !
So much misinformation, and outright untruths (even here !) on Medjugorje. So many ‘experts’. Why we are so afraid of the possibility just escapes me. Anyway, I suggest that you ask someone who has actually BEEN THERE, about their experience. Before I went (rather, was dragged, by my dear wife), I was certain it was a farse. Now, I can only attest to the fruits as I have experienced in my own life.
Of course I stand ready to fully accept the Vatican’s official judgement, which will not come until the apparitions end, as has always been the case with apparitions. Lourdes and Fatima were not officially approved until years after the actual events ceased. On top of that, if there was any serious contradiction to the Faith going on there, the Vatican would have slammed the lid on it long ago.
The truth is that:
-Priests and laity are allowed to go, as pilgrims.
-Priests are NOT allowed to lead official parish pilgrimmages there, because that would give the impression of official church approval, which has NOT occurred because it is an ongoing phenomena.
I am new here, but I heard that maybe we are not supposed to discuss non-approved apparitions here. I would be happy to discuss this offline if you like, via email. Just let me know.


Recently approved, happened in the late 17th and early 18th centuries

Our Lady of Laus (Gap, France)

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