Are there any monasteries in the Toronto, Ontario area?

I am thinking of visiting a monastery to worship as I’ve done so in the past and there’s nothing like it. So, are there any RC monasteries in the Greater Toronto Area (Ontario, Canada)?

If not, can someone recommend a church, even one with a Latin mass (which I’ve managed to attend just one elsewhere as well)?

If not I’ll just keep on hunting on my own.

I found this monastery today:
The monastery is located on the border of Quebec and Ontario slightly above the US state of Vermont. Hope this helps God Bless!

There is an Augustinian monastery on Keele St. in King City called Our Lady of Grace Shrine. They do have daily Mass and I believe it is also a retreat center. I think there is a web site for the monastery but you will have to look it up.
For a Latin Mass, either in the OF or the EF, Holy Family Church on King St.W. in Parkdale is your best bet. It is staffed by the priests of the Oratory of St. Philp Neri. The church is a lovely old building. If you are interested the in finding out the Mass times there, here is the web site.

Of course, attending Mass at St. Michael’s Cathedral is always a good option. You might even become interested in attending the Lectio Divina with Archbishop Collins. The next one is this Sunday [Jan.9] evening at 7pm. at the Cathedral.

Try the following websites:

And if you still can’t find what you’re looking for contact your or a Parish Priest that might be more helpful.

God bless,

Actually it is about 100 miles from the Ontario border, and about 400 miles from Toronto.

I should know, I am an oblate of said monastery! It is a wonderful place, Gregorian chant is still used daily for Lauds, Mass and Vespers and for the hymns at the other hours.

This is probably farther than you want to go but there is a Discalced Carmelite monastery in St. Agatha’s (close to Waterloo) about two hours from Toronto. They have Mass open to the public at 7:30 am.

And I second the recommendation for the churches run by the Oratorians. They are responsible for two parishes - Holy Family and St. Vincent de Paul. As well as celebrating the EF, they celebrate the OF in a reverent and abuse free manner. If you are going to be in Toronto for a while, try to attend both. Even if you prefer Latin, it is encouraging to see the vernacular Mass done as it should be.

**Lectio Divina **looks brilliant! Thanks, I shall attend one as soon as possible. I simply cannot believe that variety and depth of Catholic Prayer and every time I look, I find a new method which leaves me changed and amazed.


Thank-you everyone for your replies. You have provided an excellent place to start searching and looking.

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