Are there any protestant denominations that condemns all forms of contraception?

So are there any denominations that still believe this?

The LCMS position is similar to that of Orthodoxy.
The link provides information on an array of procreation issues,


I’m sure there are, especially among the non-denominational churches.

We knew plenty of Evangelical Protestant families who believed in “filling the quiver,” and had 6 or more children, and continued to be open to life even when they hit their 40s.

The pastor of the last Evangelical Protestant church we attended had 9 children (one in heaven), and the associate pastor had 7 children. Our best friends in that church had 6 children and were hoping for more.

There are plenty of jokes about Evangelical Protestant missionaries having huge families. In one of the denominations that we were part of for years, the missionaries were only given financial benefits for 4 children; any additional children had to be funded through raising support from friends and relatives.

Not a great example, but the Amish don’t approve of it.

You mean you’ve never heard of the Quiverfull movement?

Why is that not a great example? Amish and Mennonites traditionally reject all forms of contraception. Although I think some groups are now leaning towards only those that may cause abortion.

Yes that’s who I was thinking of too. I think the Duggars (the family in the US with the 19 children) are adherents.

This is a *good *book (found in your link).
It not only makes sound, biblical arguments against contraception, but it has some wonderful examples from the founding protestant theologians abhorring contraception.
I had no idea that it was from some formal movement. lol

The adult leader of my high school’s Christian group (I graduated 11 years ago) was opposed to contraception. I’m pretty sure he was Church of Christ, but I don’t know if it was his denomination’s official position or just his own personal opinion.

Wow, I just learned a lot. Never heard of the Quiverfull Movement or even ever considered that other faiths were opposed to birth control. Thanks for starting this thread.

All protestant denominations were opposed to all birth control till 1930. Then all hell broke loose and we now have abortion till birth. Good have MERCY on us. God Bless. Memaw
P.S. My husbands Grandma who was Christian did not believe in it, she told me so, and she had 17 children.

Not a great example because they’re considered backward. It would help the case better if a more progressive denomination held the same stance. Instead, it reinforces the stereotype that only backward denominations have that belief.

I don’t think I would ever consider them ‘backward’ as you put it. They are very intelligent and certainly take care of themselves and family. They have schools. Their children are very polite and helpful. Whenever I visit my cousin in MO. I buy some of their eggs, veggies and other products. I have gotten to know the Amish people very well. My cousins and families all like them. They are good neighbors and helpful when needed. They have done their best to protect themselves from the "evils’ of our society. I’d say they are much smarter than most of us. God Bless, Memaw

Yes, note my wording that “they are considered” backward. I personally respect them and look at them like they’re monks. I’d sign up to live like them for a period myself if they were Catholic. Nevertheless the stereotype is there, people make jokes about the Amish as if they’re alien.

Lindsay from Arrested Development:
“The Volvo didn’t have satellite radio, which is crazy. I mean, what are we, Amish?”

the fundamentalist quiver full movement. I also believe Amish/Mennonite groups as well. Anyone who has attended Bill Gothard Basic Youth conflicts seminars would have heard a pretty anti-contraception/sterilization message which would have been similar to the Catholic Church.

Lots of non-denominational Christians trying to avoid fringe cult groups listen to Hank Hanegraaff (The Bible Answer Man), who happens to also practice the ‘quiverful’ teaching in the Bible.

I have never heard of any of those jokes but look what some say about us Catholics. Don’t believe everything you hear. God Bless, Memaw

And who cares? Do progressives think logically? Even many conservatives don’t think. As absurd as on-demand abortion is, is not allowing abortion in cases of incest and rape also, if not more, absurd?

I don’t expect support from anyone for an idea progressives are dead-set against will change their minds, if logic will not.

It does not ultimately matter. The Tradition of the Church, since it began, has been against contraception. As far as we know, that tradition came from Christ Himself. We have good reason to believe it.

I don’t know any Protestant denomination that officially condemned all contraception, even before 1930 as is often claimed. And the RC doesn’t even condemn all contraception so I don’t know why it matters.

Sure I grant most theologians of all denominations disapproved.

But I know of no official doctrinal statements binding on all believers.

:confused: Uhhh sorry…what now? Yes it does. The Church isn’t against all forms of regulating birth, that’s true, but that’s not the same thing as contraception.

Contraception is:

the deliberate use of artificial methods or other techniques to prevent pregnancy as a consequence of sexual intercourse

That’s from the New Oxford American Dictionary, not a Catholic book. So yes in fact, the Church is opposed to all types of contraception, and always has been.

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