Are there any Saints that led really sinful lives but repented?


Is there anyone whos either Blessed or a Saint, who’s led a really sinful life but repented, stories like that are inspiring. I know of Bl.Bartolo Longo and Saint Augustine, are there any others?


St Margaret of Cortona, a Franciscan saint, is another who had an interesting life and repented.


As a youth Augustine lived a hedonistic lifestyle for a time, associating with hooligans (Latin: euersores, literally meaning wreckers)[14] who boasted of their experience with the opposite sex and urged the inexperienced boys, like Augustine, to seek out experiences with women or to make up stories about experiences in order to gain acceptance and avoid ridicule.[15] At a young age, he developed a stable relationship with a young woman in Carthage, who would be his concubine for over thirteen years and who gave birth to his son, Adeodatus[16][17] (Milania).

Blessed Bartolo Longo (February 10, 1841 – October 5, 1926) was a Satanist priest who later repented and became a lay Dominican, dedicating his life to the Virgin Mary. He is the father of Maria Longo.


urged the inexperienced boys, like Augustine, to seek out experiences with women or to make up stories about experiences in order to gain acceptance and avoid ridicule.

Sounds like middle school. (not me)

And I find Bartolo Longo quite interesting, most of Saint Augustine’s sins were commited before he was baptized. Bartolo Longo was raised Catholic but fell away, far away.

How did that happen??? One minute there was a post, and now my post makes no sense.


St. Paul is one :smiley:


Oh yeah, how could I forget him???


Every. Single. Saint.



Maria Goretti (to take but one example) led a ‘really sinful’ life???


St. Mary of Egypt is one I just discovered.


Today I started reading “Saints Behaving Badly” by Thomas J. Craughwell. It tells the stories of thirty-two sinners who became saints.
St.Christopher–servant of the devil
St.Pelagia–promiscous actress
St.Moses the Ethiopian–gangleader
St.Augustine–heretic and playboy
St.Alipius–obsessed with blood sports
St.Patrick–worshipper of false gods
St.Mary of Egypt–seductress
St.Olga–mass murderer
St.Vladimir–fratricide, rapist, human sacrificer
St.Thomas Becket–hedonist
St.Francis of Assisi–wastrel
Blessed Giles of Portugal–satanist
St.Margaret of Cortona–rich man’s mistress
Blessed Angela of Foligno–gossip and hedonist
St.Ignatius of Loyola–egotist
St.John of God–gambler and drunkard
St.Camillus de Lellis–cardsharp and conman
St.Philip Howard–cynic and negligent husband
St.Peter Claver–dithering novice
Venerable Matt Talbot–chronic alcoholic


I don’t see Bl. Bartolo Longo on that list.


I agree St. Maria Goretti was a child when she died, I know we are all sinners but she really was not, she was a child…Her ability to forgive her attacker was unbelievable…she was not a sinner…


Yeah, not all of them commited Mortal sins in their life, and most people do in their lifetime, that doesn’t nessisarily make them exceptionally sinful. Not on a scale like some of them. And I checked wikipedia and it only said Blessed Giles of Portugal studied magic, which is still mortally sinful, but it didn’t say he was a satanist.


St. Paul


Those are the chapter titles in the book. From the chapter on Blessed Giles: “The insertion of the Dr.Faustus legend certainly livens up Blessed Giles’s story, but it is not to be taken seriously. The historical Giles was a lax, corrupt priest who was converted by a chance encounter with some Dominicans.” But it gets us interested in reading more about saint’s lives, doesn’t it?:thumbsup:


St. Moses of Ethiopia was a really big sinner and repented.


Don’t forget St. Mary Magdalene.


bacon man- Very good and interesting question. :thumbsup:

There are many Saints and God’s chosen ones who have led really sinful lives but repented. Even in Biblical times, like Moses

Maybe this website will help you out:

May God reward you for introducing me (all of us) to Blessed Bartalo Longo

There is one man who comes to mind who has led a “sinful life” and has converted Father John Corapi

Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

God bless,


doesn’t anyone go to daily Mass here?

St Mary Magdalene… it was her we honored today…


How about St. Peregrine?

St Mary Magdalene please Pray for us. Amen.

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