Are there any specific posture/dress codes for Sacrament reception?

Hello, friends.

I wonder if there are any specific posture or dress codes for properly receiving the Sacraments. These are two examples that may help explain my question:

  1. Yesterday, I went to Confession, but as the priest recited the absolution prayer, I noticed that I was clutching my purse to my chest and worried whether this might be an improper posture and thus invalidate the Sacrament. (The priest said not to worry about it, but I feel a little paranoid due to the increase of unorthodox clergy in recent years.)

  2. Eyeroll-worthy example ahead, but please bear with me: Recently, a bird pooped on me, and some of that poop landed on my shoe, which I didn’t quite get around to cleaning before I attended Sunday Mass. During that Mass, I went to Confession and received Communion. I worry whether doing that with dirty shoes, though, may again invalidate the Sacraments or constitute some kind of sin or disrespect to the Lord.

  3. On occasion, when I go to Mass, I go to receive Communion taking my purse with me (seems more prudent than leaving it on the pew, since I live in a rather unsafe country). I have wondered whether this is okay, or whether one should go to receive Communion without carrying or grasping anything.

So this is what I’d like to know – whether these apparent external problems actually impede or somehow nullify my reception of the Sacraments. If not, then what about the psychological aspect, like my being worried about these posture/clothing issues as I receive absolution or Communion?

I know I’m a pretty serious case of scrupulosity. I do intend on dealing with that with my spiritual director. However, it’ll be a long while before I can see him again, and for the time being, I’d just like to know whether these things I’m worrying about are indeed just my scruples or if it’s something I legitimately should be concerned about.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for all you do. :slight_smile:

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