Are there any specific saints that you pray to?

Are there specific saints
that you pray too??

How have you chose what saints that you pray too??

I pray WITH St Pio St Anthony, St Clare, St Solanus Casey, Our Lady the Undoer of Knots and Guadalupe.


I don’t pray to saints, but I do ask for their intercession (I promise I’m not trying to nitpick, I’m just saying this because I don’t want you to get the wrong idea :slight_smile: )

My favorites are St. Therese, St. Pio, St. Joseph, St. Anthony of Padua, and St. Matthew Phuong.

I live near a Carmelite Shrine that loves St. Therese and believe in her promise to “let fall a shower of roses.”

I was raised to love St. Pio, as my mother has a strong devotion to him. What I’ve learned about him only served to enhance that.

St. Joseph has a way of popping up when I need him. I’ve come to love him.

I started praying to St. Anthony for someone I know who carries his name. Also, he is my brother’s Confirmation saint.

St. Matthew Phuong is my “saint of the year.” I deeply admire him for his life and martyrdom.

Edit: My goodness, how could I forget to mention Our Lady!?! She is my dear Heavenly Mother, that’s why I call on her of course!


I often ask for the intercession of Mary, St. Therese, St. Augustine, St. Monica, St. John Paul II, St. Mary Magdalene, and many others.

Just read about the saints and see which ones really inspire you, or which ones you have something in common with. Then you can ask those Saints to pray for you. You can even look up prayers or novenas to say. Or if you have a particular request, look to see if there is a patron saint for that cause.

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The short version of a much, much longer list of saints to whom I reach out regularly:

The Blessed Mother and St. Joseph, first and foremost. I believe St. Joseph is very important, as certtain persons like St. Andre Bessette and Elizabeth Kindelmann have stressed.
My “favorite Marys” are Our Mother of Perpetual Help and Our Lady of Fatima, because those were my mother’s favorites, but I pray to Mary under many, many of her names.

My parents’ chosen patron saints - St. Therese and St. Jude

My patron saints - St. Margaret Mary and St. Monica

St. Patrick because I am mostly Irish and he is also the patron saint of engineers

St. Jose Sanchez Del Rio because I feel like “he chose me”

My favorite people on the path to sainthood - Bl. Miguel Pro, Bl. Jerzy Popieluszcko, Bl. Solanus Casey, Ven. Fulton Sheen, Ven. Patrick Peyton, and Servant of God Rhoda Wise

Padre Pio because I was inspired to become a “prayer warrior” by reading stuff he wrote about purgatory, and I feel he has influenced my life. I also like St. Nicholas of Tolentino because he is Patron of Holy Souls.

Sts. Francesco and Jacinta Marto from Fatima, who also did a lot of praying and sacrificing to save souls.

St. Faustina, St. John Paul II, St. John XXIII, St. Gertrude the Great and St. Gertrude of Nivelles each time I say a Divine Mercy chaplet.

St. Anthony, St. Francis de Sales, and St. Francis of Assisi (as well as St. Joseph) in connection with my late husband.

St. Thomas More because he was a lawyer, St. Elizabeth Seton because she is patron of grief and was widowed.

St. Teresa of Avila and St. Mother Theresa of Calcutta, just because I like them.

I have dozens more, including a whole list of people who are not yet on the path to sainthood or were Protestants who lived good holy lives so I think they may well be in heaven. But I’ll stop there.

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The blessed virgin, saint pope jp ii, saint francis of Assisi, st clare, and saint june of livonia…st june every night!

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I pray to St Augustine, St Theresa Avilia. A father told me to talk to these saints and also with St. Francis of Assisi and St. John of the Cross.

Mainly St Jude. He was my mother’s favorite saint.

Solions cast is an interesting Detroit icon. not smart enough to say mass. But would pray 4 people with results.
Weird how it worked out 4 his public ministry

Not weird at all. Spirituality is not dependent on IQ.
I find your remark very unkind.
He’s a saint.

For my morning prayer I include:

Thomas [patron saint]

Sometimes, depending on what is going on, I add:

St Lucy has been very kind to me
I pray to her often

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I usually ask for the intercession of the Blessed Virgin, Saint Joseph, Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Saint Augustine, Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Teresa d’Ávila

Two persons on their way to Sainthood.

Servant of God Fr. Demetrius Gallitzin.
Blessed Karl of Austria.

They both have relics at St. John Cantius church in Chicago.

Our Lady, natch!

I sometimes pray to St.Anthony to help find lost things. But I always pray to GOD before the saints.


St. Jude patron saint of lost causes.

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Yes I have at least twice so far to keep from becoming angry at work with coworkers I got chosen by st Christina of tire and I `ve have asked for her help and support and got it within minutes of asking for her help. And I join the church tomorrow night at the Easter vigil service. Talk about WOW!:grin:


I usually pray to St. Dymphna and occasionally to St. Francis of Assisi

St Michael!

Used to pray to The Archangels and St Padre Pio when I was younger

Our Blessed Mother, Saint Stephen, and Saint Michael.


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