Are there any theological/philosophical writings/idea to back up my idea?

CS Leiws said (in the Transposition) that the World may end but it is a sort of echo (or sketch) of the final, completed World that God will create.

Can this apply to emotions as well? For I think that joy, love etc…though great…feel like reflections of a higher good in the same way the objects/subjects of our enjoyments do. Will God rewrite emotions as higher (as yet unkown- merely reflected) versions of themselves?

I think that our emotions carry the weight of our fallen humanity upon them. While we experience joy, the purest form of joy is the Beatific Vision. While we experience sorrow, the deepest form of sorrow is the knowledge of the sins one committed in life.

By virtue of our soul being immortal (won’t die, won’t sleep), we then from our conception, are immortal, with memory intellect and will fully functional…forever! So forever will be based on the last 4 things.[LIST=1]
*]death of the body
[/LIST]In our fallen state, those 3 properties of the soul (memory intellect will) need purifying. And for those written in the book of life, they will be made perfect, because Our Lord stated it must happen [Revelation 21:27](“ 21:27&version=RSVCE”) ,Matthew 5:48 . A seemingly impossible order. So the question you’re asking is, where/when/how does this happen for the saved, the ones being saved, and the ones who will be saved?

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