Are there ANY traditions or ceremonies that Jesus gave to the Mormon church while he was on this earth?


:harp: Can someone tell me if there are ANY traditions that Christ himself gave to the early mormon church while he was here on this earth. If so what are they?


All I hear is crickets…



Maybe Smithmas.:rolleyes:


maybe the authority to baptize people.:slight_smile:


Kristine1957, maybe the blessing of little children. The account of Jesus’ ministry in the Americas and the blessing of children is in 3 Nephi 17 ( But he was very busy and did a lot including administering the sacrament, calling apostles, cured the sick, taught the people and more.


What I’m trying to find out is if there is anything that Christ left (according to the LDS faith) that resembles what they worship or believe in today. From my understanding the temple ceremonies that the LDS people have today are what they say was back in Christ’s day? I could be wrong but thats why I posted this thread just trying to understand it all.:slight_smile:


Considering the fact that the Mormonism isn’t even Christian, the answer is a simple no.


since the Mormon church was established by Joseph Smith in the early 1800s in New York state, the answer is obviously no. The Mormoms weren’t around when Jesus was on earth, and according to the gospels he was never in New York (more’s the pity). I assume this is a trick question?


The Mormons believe that the original Church was a Mormon one and then there was a great apostasy, right?

So I would agree that you could say baptism, but upon closer examination even that’s troublesome due to the current Mormon practice of baptism “for the dead.”

As a Catholic, of course, I say no, but I’m sure a Mormon would have a few things that they say link them to the early Church.

Any Mormons out there?


Are there ANY traditions or ceremonies that Jesus gave to the Mormon church while he was on this earth?

I’m not Mormon, but I seem to recall reading something about Jesus giving some pretty good wine to a wedding feast one day …


Actually, you can’t say Baptism because Mormon doctrine doesn’t teach the Trinity; their “baptisms” are invalid.

Also, why would anyone want to belong to a church that taught that their God (or rather, one of their gods) couldn’t keep the church together. “The gates of hell will not prevail…” yet if you’re Mormon, the gates of hell prevailed at least twice.


You’ve just answered your own question. Mormons believe they are a restoration of the early church founded by Christ through Peter, with only minor cultural differences. If this is true, then there should be a counterpart in early Christianity to practically everything in Mormonism.

There are Mormons out there that claim that the Church practiced such ‘ordinances’ as baptism of the dead, and taught polytheism before the ‘apostasy’. Of course, I’m not up on what ordinances Christ introduced when he(cough, cough) visited America after His Ascension.

Is that what you’re asking about, Kristine?


:shrug: Yes they may use what would appear to be the Trinitarian Formula–Father, Son, Holy Ghost when baptising, but do the mormons believe in the Trinity of 3-1? If not, then no matter how they phrase it, its not a valid baptism.


I’ve had Mormon missionaries in my home for a long time for discussions; they do not believe One God in three Divine Persons. By “One God” they mean “one in purpose” but three separate beings.


I have pointed it out to them, they say that’s the doctrine.


That is not the information they give, they are very clear when discussing this that they do NOT believe in the Trinity as taught in Christianity. Their books, that are approved by their church are clear on the matter. They do not believe in one God.


Since Joseph Smith stole most of his ideas for Mormon ceremonies from the Masons, I’d have to say there’s nothing Jesus gave them in that area.


The fact is, they believe the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are three separate gods, and not equal. One characteristic of the Trinity is that They’re equal. This is not Mormon teaching.


Mormons believe in three completely separate beings - they use the term personages, but they mean three separate, distinct beings. Plain and simple.

Joseph Smith said he went to a grove of trees to pray and saw God the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ, appear to him as two “separate, glorious, resurrected beings.” They told him that none of the churches established at the time were correct, and so he should join none of them.

Joseph Smith actually claimed to see God the Father and Jesus Christ. As men. Both of them. Men. In 1830. In a grove of trees. In New York. Pretty amazing!


Fascinating! I know NOTHING of Mormonism, notwithstanding my very dedicated Mormon relatives (my uncle married a Mormon from Utah – named Smith, mind you – and converted big time).

So Mormons and Catholics both acept the authority of Peter.

The difference is that the Catholics have the unbroken paper trail.

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