Are there any TV shows left that the whole family can enjoy together?

In several other threads, I and others have mentioned that when we were kids, our whole family would gather around the TV to watch certain shows. In our family, it was Jackie Gleason and Milton Berle. We also liked Gunsmoke and Bonanza.

When we were raising our daughters in the 1990s, we all loved Family Matters, Boy Meets World, Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, and Step By Step. Also the show Amen, but our girls were very young when it was on TV.

And of course, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Our girls bought the DVDs, and every time they’re home, they spend hours watching these shows again. (It was a great show until the last season, when it got “political.”)

Are there still shows on regular network TV that everyone in the family can enjoy together? American Idol? (But sometimes the words to the songs are kind of racy, so it’s not really that wholesome.) Any of the cartoons? I know that cable has “family” shows, but how about regular TV? What do you gather your whole family to watch?

Saturday nights we watch the Three Stooges on the U.

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And the answer is, Probably not!!

I have a new favorite, Man vs. Wild—an incredubly tough guy slogs through rough terrain and gives survival tips.

I bet boys would LOVE this!

Purchase the Walton’s CD’s. You can’t go wrong.

DDs family watches Discovery and the other science and nature channels together, they love mythbusters and animal planet.

Yup! We also like “Extreme Makeover Home Edition”, “Kid Nation” was an interesting 1st episode - but, we are busy on the night it is on.

Reruns of The Cosby Show on TBS… funny and clean!!

We used to watch Extreme Home, but I got to the point I couldn’t take it any longer. The network USES these families in trouble to boost their ratings. The more sad the story, the more they work it. Extend a show to 2 hours instead of 1. I actually refer to the show as “Exploit Home Makeover”. I still like watching them tear down a house and rebuild a sweet new house in 7 days, but I can’t do the tearjerker stories every week.

Our kids are young enough that I don’t have to worry about what to watch with them. If it’s not cartoons, it’s not cool. They watch Noggin during the day, although I hate when Noggin goes off the air and switches to “The N”, showing shows aimed at teens. Way too muh sexual drama in those shows for the preschool set that just finished watching “Little Bear”.

Yep, that’s pretty much what we watch. DH also likes The History Channel. He’s a big WWII buff. Mainly likes to watch the air combat shows. He was in the Airforce. Of course that stuff is boring to the kids so they don’t watch it. :smiley:

Given the ever growing number of TV channels on cable, satellite, etc., I think that we will soon be at the point where any program that was ever on television, will be on television forever. So, there will always be our childhood favorites which we can inflict on our children. Consider TIVO so you can watch what you want when you want.

No offense, but if that is all there is I’d just assume leave my TV off…which, most of the time I do – however, my wife…now that’s a different story.

I wish she would watch stuff like the Waltons…:rolleyes:

EWTN, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and reruns (leave it to beaver, kung fu, bonanza, waltons, the jeffersons, the munsters, gilligan’s island). I also used to watch mtv back when they actually showed videos, not now because all they show is ****** teen reality shows like my sweet sixteen. I swear if you want to see how spoiled and bratty kids have become watch mtv.

So no NEW dramas or comedies then???

I am waiting for the reply that condemns “Kung Fu” due to its Buddhist content…:rolleyes:

I think The Unit is a good show to watch with teenagers. There are “sins,” but the sins are clearly presented as “sin,” not “good.” There is no confusion.

I think the show would provide material for deep conversations between parents and teenagers.

I don’t watch a lot of TV, so I’m not sure what would be appropriate on network for families with younger children. I think it’s a shame that those decent family shows like Family Matters aren’t done.

Was The Bernie Mac Show good for families? I can’t stand Bernie Mac, but it seemed from the promos like it might be a decent show.

The only one I’m aware of is a drama on The CW called “Life Is Wild” on Sunday nights. Sixteen-year-old girl and family moves from NY to South Africa so veterinarian dad can work with endangered animals. Haven’t seen it but looks like promising family fare. Review

Excellent website, thank you.

I’m no prude, but I would never let network TV into our house. I just don’t see enough benefits. We try instead to watch rentals one night a week. We will rent DVDs that are technically TV shows like Sponge Bob or the old Looney Tunes but we generally watch movies.

CBC used to run a sweet show called “Road To Avonlea”. I didn’t watch it because I didn’t have kids while it ran, but I would definitely try it now.

Part of me misses the old shows we watched as kids, but in retrospect, I must admit they were a little…silly. No wonder my parents never watched them with us.

Have we become that intolerant?

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