Are there any virtues that can not profit from suffering?


My dear friends

As the title says is there any? Provided we accept and embrace the crosses of life can we not profit from them and not increase all virtues? People of God who love Him, follow Him, embrace His will and understand and accept that everything in life comes from the Hand of God and see that all that befalls us is our Sweet Heavenly Fathers providential influence in our life must know this. When we suffer do we not become more like God ,if we embrace the cross which is His will for us? I can’t think of a single virtue that cannot increase through suffering. I think our acceptance of the cross is the thing that makes us most like God - holy and pure, and leads ever closer to perfection if understood and used wisely. We find it repulsive to suffer all too often, and this is natural. We weren’t meant to suffer. Many fall away when great trials come. We get angry with God. Why did this happen? God does not love me. God is persecuting me… but the cross is the greatest sign of love and affection from God. We’re like little babies being formed into what will become fine young men and women. We’re babies now in need of guidance, discipline, love, correction and all the things we teach and do for our babies as we raise them. If we let God raise us as we need He will form us into the fine people we were always meant to be - saints. If God sent us no crosses it would mean He didn’t love us and He would be a negligent father. We need to see the cross for what it is- an expression of love and affection from our Sweet Heavenly Father, who is trying to give us the best upbringing possible.

God bless all:thumbsup::slight_smile:



I believe that suffering can help increase any virtue…:slight_smile:

but only if we approach it in the right way, - a Saint once said that suffering can lead us either to heaven or to hell… (virtue, union with God, or - despair and sin)


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