Are there any web sites or blogs with daily spiritual encouragement, insight, and counsel from the wisdom of Catholicism?

Some points of clarification about the sort of web sites and blogs I am seeking:

**1. I do NOT want a site that reports on or comments on any NEWS,

–Or, at the very least**, any commentary on news should be a very small part of the site.

–From what I see, most Catholic blogs and web sites are all or mostly reporting on or commenting on news.

–Catholic web sites that focus and dwell on news are part of what I call “Winger-ism.” The writers are in the Culture War, and they are fighting their enemies on the other “wing” (left or right). I don’t want Culture War. I want Soul Peace.

–Great saints like Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross NEVER wrote about Worldly News. They wrote about the Good News. The New Testament has little or nothing in the way of reporting on or commenting on secular news of those times. The New Testament writers only wanted to talk about the Good News that saves, refreshes, and sanctifies souls.

**2. I don’t care if the web site’s content is written by a priest, monk, friar, nun, or lay person.

**3. I want a site with a live human being writing one or more new posts every day.
–I don’t want a site that simply posts texts from the Mass reading of the day, or posts texts from saint of olden days.

–I want a living, breathing person alive in the world today, just like you and me.

**4. I do not want a site that is all about Apologetics.
–I want a site that speaks more to the heart, rather than to the head.

–Logic, proofs, facts, arguments, philosophy, Natural Law, etc., may be of great interest to some. I wish them well. That’s not what I am looking for.

–As I see the Gospels, they speak and sing to the Heart and Soul above all. The Gospels are Light. Jesus said, “I am the Light of the World.” He did not say “I am the Philosopher of the World.” Jesus said, “I am the Good Shepherd.” He did not say, “I am the Great Arguer.” Well, I guess you get my point.

–You might say I am looking for daily “Holy Water for the Heart.”

Okay, does anyone know of any web sites or blogs that seem similar to what I’ve described?

Thanks for reading!

Interesting question. I would be interested in reading such a blog myself. Looking forward to seeing the answers!

I don’t know if this is what you are looking for.

You have to register and it takes a few days for them to get back to you. It was recommended to me by “”

Father Z’s blog

Could I be so bold as to suggest…my blog:o

I do comment on news sometimes, but to often. I am leaning towards more what you’re looking for. Maybe I’m not what you’re looking for, but please glance at it for a second or two.

Bartolome Casas
Are there any web sites or blogs with daily spiritual encouragement, insight, and counsel from the wisdom of Catholicism?

** I don’t want Culture War**. I want Soul Peace. ** I am looking for daily** “Holy Water for the Heart.”

So do I…but then what?
Pax Christi

maybe this one…


Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction

Thanks, everyone. Some of the suggested sites look promising.

I liked this one and signed up. Thanks for this.

I like this site:

Why don’t you start one? I’d read it.

Loyola Press has a three-minute daily retreat, I got the link from a Franciscan site.

You can pray the Rosary online here with folks from around the world, it’s really very nice.

I like this one.No news just beautiful prayers poetry and images.%between%

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