Are there any Western Rite Orthodox on this forum?

Hi all. Some of you may have clicked on this thread to see whether I have a follow-up question (possibly one that is a bit deeper) to the question in the thread title, but I don’t. :slight_smile:

If you aren’t WRO (Western-Rite Orthodox) feel free to chime in with “I’m not WRO but I remember a WRO guy posting here last year” (but only if you really do).

I am WRO. I do attend Eastern Divine Liturgy on occasion . I am a former RC. Why do you ask?

My wife was Chrismated WRO, and I’ve been to a few WRO Masses. We do some WR devotions sometimes.

What is the Western Rite Orthodox Church like? Do you called it Divine Liturgy or Mass? Are they similar to the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, or are they more like an Eastern one?

Just curious.

God Bless.

I am WRO, a subdeacon at St. Michael Orthodox Church (WR) and an Benedictine Oblate.:smiley:

We call it Divine Liturgy. At St. Paul’s in Houston we use the Divine Liturgy of St. Gregory, which is essentially a Pre VII Liturgy. We are an Antiochian Parish, some use the Devine Liturgy of St Tikhon. There are a few revisions in each. Both are closer to the EF than the OF. I remember as I was a pre VII alter boy.

That’s a good question. I guess that the recent thread which revealed percentages of posters who are LC, GC, and OC (including, but not limited to, the West Syriac family and the East Syriac family) made me curious to learn whether any WRO post here as well.

I guess some do. :slight_smile:


WRO discussions don’t belong in this Eastern Catholicism subforum. I think this thread should be moved elsewhere.

God bless,


Antiochian in Southern California? That was where my wife was Chrismated. Her Godmother is Jill/Elizabeth, wife of Subdeacon Basil.

Was your parish started by Fr. Trigg, a former TEC priest, RIP? Just wondering, if so, when I attended the parish many years ago the Mass was really the BCP/Anglican Missal, not at all what I have seen on websites of Eastern Orthodox Divine Worship. Almost everyone at that time were former members of an Anglo Catholic parish that split three ways, Catholic, Western Orthodox or Protestants who stayed in the parish.

Just curious.

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


As I mentioned before what you saw was the Liturgy of St Tikhon, which was the result of Members of TEC approaching Bishop Tikhon. Asking if they could convert to Orthodoxy but retain their Liturgy. Their liturgy was modified to include a stronger epiclesis , the prayer before communion said in all Orthodox churches, and deletion of the Filioque . This is common where entire Anglican parishes convert. But the theology is Orthodox. Our Parish uses St . Gregory’s Liturgy which is largely a pre VII mass with similar changes. Hope this helps.

As Rdunbar said - you didn’t see Eastern Orthodox Divine Worship: You saw Western Orthodox Divine Worship. It’s not quite the BCP, it’s the Orthodox version of the BCP.

(And it’s not my parish, it’s my wife’s old parish. Yes, though, I was talking about the parish started by Father Michael)

Michael was the name Fr. Trigg took when he became an Orthodox priest. He was a very intelligent man who I knew through his former parish and the university he worked in.

God Bless


Orthodox priests are addressed by their first name, even formally. Bishops are considered to not even have a last name, often, and if a priest’s name is changed upon ordination, they’re called by that new name forever (unless a different name is taken at a subsequent ordination).

But yes, I have heard he was an amazing man.

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