Are there certain times that the LOTH should be said?

I ask because I’d like to synch up with the religious as much as possible when I recite the Hours. It feels more meaningful. Right now I’m picking back up on the practice of reciting the Invitatory Psalm and the Morning and Evening hours, as I plan to enter discernment for the Secular Franciscan Order and those prayers are requirements.

You might want to check with the order to see when they pray. That would allow you to coordinate your prayer with theirs. They may have recommendations for those considering vocations.

Otherwise, I believe the official guide is the General Instruction of the LOTH. Morning prayer is talked about as taking place around dawn, and evening prayer in late afternoon. That doesn’t bind you if you are not under obligation to say the hours. It’s all I can do some days to get MP in by noon and EP in by midnight. Today, for example. I’d better run off and get MP done before it turns into Friday!

you will no doubt be instructed on this and other relevant matters pertaining to the Franciscan version of the LOTH during your formation. If you are just getting started, focus on becoming familiar with the 4 week psalm cycle. the times in general are morning, whenever that is, if you normally get up a 8, you don’t have to start getting up at 6 to pray, for instance, and evening, whenever that is generally sundown or therebouts, after dinner, or whatever time begins “evening” to you. and night prayer usually right before bedtime. If your order has prescribed times they will tell you.

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