Are there Christian equivalents of a "hafiz"?

A hafiz is a Muslim who has completely memorized the Quran. Are there Christians who have memorized the entire Bible - word-for-word? If so, is there a name designated to them, other than extremely talented?

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Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk

I’m not sure. Most priests know a great deal by heart. But if you’re talking word-for-word and cover-to-cover. I know there are some. Mostly your upper-level like the Bishops, Arch-Bishops, Cardinals, Monks, Nuns, people that work at the Seminary, etc.

But is there an actual title assigned to them…I dont think so, but if there IS, it is simply unknown to me.

I’ll ask my Priest this Sunday at Mass. That’s a good question, though…

The Bible is significantly longer than the Qur’an. Retention of the Qur’an is a lifelong project. Retaining the Bible is exponentially more involved. I would be VERY impressed by someone who has accomplished that.

Hafiz, might not be the answer expected nor the right timing but here’s my stab at it minding that I’m no scholar. Hafiz was a mystic. He was living during the 1300’s before the Mongol invasion of Islamic land. He is reknown for his quest of Divine Love among a few who even have read his works. The mystic is similar to that of an honest, thinking and adventurous philosopher, breaking boundaries of the time (secularism). He too like many Christian saints were persecuted. I’m reminded of St. Paul in this instance since both Haifiz and this beloved Saint were thrown in jail numerous times. (This can be worse than physical death in my point of view. Prisons were never a walk in the park from my speculations.) Regardless, mystics are aware of the nature of human suffering. One can not be a philosopher, poet, theologian and mystic without observation (much like a scientist) of this real human experience. My point is this, if Hafiz was so much devoted to God, knowing the Quran by heart and to top it off believed in an imperfect repressantaion of the Divine’s Revelation, where are our “Hafiz’s”? St. Francis of Assisi who lived around the same era as our person of topic, is a prime example of his partner. St. Francis was a mystic who believed in God but wether he memorized the Bible is irrelevant. He lived the Word of God.

I don’t know of anyone who has memorized the whole Bible, but there is one well-known TV evangelist, Jack van Impe, who claims to have memorized the entire NT. He would quote respectable sections of it at the drop of a hat, and he would supply the hat, if necessary. If you google the phrase “memorized the New Testament,” you will find a number of people, including a number of Church Fathers, about whom it is claimed that they did it. It wouldn’t be that difficult. At one point I had memorized the books of Ephesians, Galatians, and Colossians, and the first couple chapters of Romans, Matthew (except for the genealogy), and John. If I could do that just working in bits and pieces of my spare time, surely someone who was really working at it, or who had a trained or eidetic memory could do the entire NT.

As far as I know, there is no title in Christianity for someone who has memorized the Bible.

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