Are there different types of Magisterium in the Church?

Are there different types of Magisterium in the Church? Is there one in which the Pope is infallible and one he is not?

The Magisterium is the Pope and Bishops. The Pope is infallible when he speaks from the Chair of St.Peter something major affecting the entire Church not just giving his opinion on something.


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To add, the Magisterium is the Church’s teaching authority. The content of the catechism is the list of teachings. According to Fr. John Trigilio and Fr. Kenneth Brighenti (PhDs/co-authors of Catholicism for Dummies), anything taught by the normal magisterium (i.e. catechism) of the Church may be considered to be infallible. Understanding and application of the teachings may change, but the teachings themselves will not.

Just reporting what I have learned.


I asked this question because of the confusion from what was said about the document of the Amazon synod in the press conference at the Vatican.

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I think this pretty much sums it up. It is a grievous error, to think that just because something is not proclaimed as infallible, or because our understanding of certain truths has changed over the ages (slavery, usury, heliocentrism, when NFP is permissible per Pius XI and Pius XII, etc.), that “everything is up for grabs”. That’s Modernism.


The Church, being of divine institution, speaks not only to our nature, but teaches how we may overcome our nature. It is otherworldly because we are called from this pilgrim existence into another world.

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